Which other Flexi Languages you want?

After last busy weekend I had planned to start with lessons again this week, Mandarin and Italian, but now I have Covid and need to rest. But I already notice that I sometimes think about could I say that also in Italian…
Last Saturday I bathed in French. Across the border very near from my home they speak French and German, plus the local French and the local German. And they mix these 4 languages all the time in the middle of the sentence, and also depending on who walks by and listens. It is so funny and overwhelming. The Alsacians are aware of their special language thing, and if we Germans come over a lot of them try to better their German and ask for words or grammar, or help you when you try to say things in French, even if they understand German perfectly. It is different in the rest of France, they tend to not understand anything, haha.


I remember going to Luxembourg last December and being utterly fascinated with the number of languages going around.

Never been to a place like it. Even compared to London where you hear every language under the sun - I was shocked.

German, French, Italian, English, Spanish… I guess some other dialects of the aforementioned too because many of them I couldn’t understand a word!


Hi Andreas! I’m A1/A2 but have been using it on and off for many years. I’m limited to travel phrases and random vocab, but have decided it’s now or never to reach a B1 level :muscle:

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Great, we will nudge German higher on the priority list. Let’s see who else on here is interested?


How about Tagalog? :smiling_face:

I have a lot of Filipino classmates in a program I am in, and it would be nice to learn Tagalog to interact with them.

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I’m also interested in German.


I would like to have the next level for Italian on LTL.

What about Spanish?
I am going on holidays this week and therefore started to learn Spanish. I didn’t expect that the beginning is so easy if you know enough Italian. I always have been afraid to learn Spanish because I thought I would mix up everything with Italian. But no, it is so much fun to do this sort of parallel learning.


Hi Sonja, the next level for Italian will be published soon, expected April. And Spanish is definitely on our list. We will start Spanish project this year. Stay tuned :wink:


Hey! I love the italian courses. And it would be great if the A2 and B1 lessons would be updated soon :slight_smile: looking forward to that.


I second this!


They are on the way. Thanks for mentioning this. If you create a topic for it on the Italian Forum (not that active yet, would be great to get some posts on there) and get more people to comment on it this will be expedited too. When several people ask for something in the forum, it goes to the top of the to do list

I would like German to be added, if possible.

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