What's your favorite C-Drama?

In accordance with the “What’s your favorite C-Movie?”, I was wondering what everyone’s favorite TV show in Mandarin was!? I usually watch an episode every morning and are always happy about any recommendations bcause there.are.just.so.many.shows.


  1. Go Ahead (以家人之名)
  2. The Rational Life (理智派生活)
  3. When I Fly Towards You (当我飞奔向你)


  • I Hear You ( 最动听的事)
  • Meteor Garden (流星花園)
  • Love O2O ( 微微一笑很倾城)

Also, for all Asian TV & movie enthusiasts, if you don’t know the website already, I can recommend mydramalist.com to keep track of your watch list! (my user name is pekingenten if you feel like adding me :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:)


Great share - will definitely utilise this for making future choices!

As much as I say I can’t stand reality TV, there is something about the Asian reality shows I love - maybe it’s the learning language factor. My favourites include:

– Devil’s Plan (KO)
– Terrace House (JP)
– Love is Blind (JP)
– Single’s Inferno (KO)

I really need to find an actual show like you have done Stefanie. Hopefully that website can help :slight_smile:

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I haven’t watched any C-drama in a long long time but I remember people going crazy over The Untamed.

Very good website! I don’t use any anymore but in the past I used betaseries to keep track of all of my shows, it is more general and include shows from various countries

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Oh I definitely need to check some of these out :heart_eyes:

My all time favourite C-Drama is definitely Light the Night (華燈初上/ Huá Dēng Chū Shàng) - it’s based around a 1980’s ‘Japanese entertainment’ bar in Taipei and it’s SUCH a good watch. If anything makes me gasp out loud I know I’ve enjoyed it :laughing: The mystery/suspense element is truly top-notch and I think I binge-watched most of it.

It’s maybe a little darker than your average C Drama but I’d absolutely recommend it!

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Nice share, I definitely need to check these out!

I usually am not a super fan of C-dramas, probably because the only one I watched was Meteor Garden and it felt SOOO long that I gave up :laughing:

But I truly believe that watching movies/tv series in your target language is one of the best ways to learn the language so I will definitely have a look into the ones you suggested :slight_smile:

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I started it and had to realize I’m not a fan of the genre, so I stopped after 10 episodes. Was so hard to get through every episode. I also stopped watching historical dramas as I want to learn some vocabulary I can actually use in daily life. :smiley:

Thanks for the recommendation! I recently started using Netflix with a Taiwan-based VPN and a whole new world opened up. I’ll check if Light the Night is also on there!

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I hate Meteor Garden with a passion. Had I not been in central quarantine at the time and two weeks to waste with brainless things, I surely wouldn’t have watched it entirely. Can’t understand how it’s so popular.

But alas, you should really try some other ones… MG was also one of my first ones and by that time I thought all C-Dramas were as bad. There’s a whole universe of actually good shows waiting for us language learners! :smiley:

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Oh you just opened one of my favourite topics when it comes to China: C-dramas!!

My expertise is in ancient time Chinese (fantasy) dramas (武侠 and 仙俠). That being said, I also used to watch modern time dramas from time to time, especially the Taiwanese ones.
In recent years, one of my favourite (ancient time) TV series is definitely the very popular “Princess Agents” (楚乔传), featuring one of my all time favourite Chinese actresses, Zhao Liying! :slight_smile:

As for modern time TV Series, my favourite one is the Taiwanese drama “Autumn’s Concerto” (下一站,幸福), featuring one of my favourite Taiwanese actresses, An Yi Xuan.
Autumn’s Concerto was extremely popular in Taiwan! In fact, in 2010, Autumn’s Concerto became one of the three highest rated Taiwanese dramas (second only to “Fated to Love You”) !

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I also disliked Meteor Garden. Someone suggested watching it with my daughter and I kept a running commentary on how dysfunctional that relationship started, and it was emotional abuse. But, apparently, women saving men emotionally is a genre…

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So, I’ve posted my list on this forum before, but I’ll post here the ones I’ve watched. I don’t really have a “favorite.” I’ll follow certain actors/actresses for a while, and then watch something someone has suggested. Before, I posted with commentary; this is just the list in order I’ve watched things.

Rise of the Phoenixes (Chen Sun) 70+ episodes!
Meteor Garden (with Dylan Wang)
Accidentally in Love
The Perfect Match (Wu Kang-Ren, Taiwanese)
Use For My Talent
Mom, Don’t Do That! (Wu Kang-Ren)
Take My Brother Away
The Legend of Bruce Lee
Once Upon a Time on Lingjian Mountain (Xu Kai)
Handsome Siblings
Triad Princess
Flavorful Origins - not a drama. More like a documentary of different cuisines in various places in China. 10-13 minute episodes
Falling Into Your Smile (Xu Kai) - gaming and romance
King’s Avatar (Yang Yang) - another gaming one, no romance!
Office Girls
Lost in Kunlun Mountains (Xu Kai) (on iQiYi)
Arsenal Military Academy (Xu Kai) (on Viki)
The Legends (Xu Kai) (Viki)
Story of Yanxi Palace (Xu Kai)
Well-Intended Love
The Prince of Tennis
Love 020 (Yang Yang)
Hidden Love
Doona (Kdrama)
Word of Honor (Zhang Zhehan)
Who Rules the World (Yang Yang)
Everyone Wants to Meet You (Zhang Zhehan)
She and Her Perfect Husband (Xu Kai)
Bloodhounds (Kdrama)
Autumn’s Concerto (Wu Kang ren)
Miss Shampoo (movie, Taiwanese)
Medical Examiner: Dr. Qin (on Viki)
Currently watching Two Fathers.

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Thank you for the suggestions!

I went to check some out but viki.com doesn’t allow vpn and now am in China, I can’t access viki without a vpn :sob:

Where can I watch Chinese films/dramas now?
Is there a good site in China that also has English subs…? Actually, I’ve just remembered, some website, qili… qi something?
Please help this tech-dumb person, I would love to watch some good C drama again :pray:

This website is extremely well-known around the world, yet it is somehow underrated when it comes to watching Chinese TV-series… Yet I have actually watched a few C-Dramas on it (and sometimes with English subtitles!). The website name is … (Drum roll)…

Youtube! :wink:

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Can never go wrong!

iQiyi!! :grin: :grin:

Oh wow thank you so much for sharing!

This will keep me busy for a while :laughing:


I’d heard so much hype about Meteor Garden, but after seeing the warnings here I’ll definitely be avoiding in favour of other C-Dramas :laughing:

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And Language Reactor works on YouTube, too. Subtitled in pinyin, hanzi, and English.

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Check mydramalist.com for the titles. Besides a watch list, it lists the sites you can find/watch the titles. They are often available on more than one site.

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Who would have thought, that you like dramas. Not anybody who ever had class with you, haha. :smiley:

Thanks for the recommendations! Funnily enough, I watched a mainland show a while ago called 下一站,幸福 but I looked into the synopsis and they have nothing in common.

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