What's your Chinese name & what does it mean?

Do you have a Chinese name and what does it mean? :heart_eyes:

My Chinese name is 柯海娜 (kēhǎinà).

柯 because it is similar to the first part of my family name,
海 because my name is related to the ocean/sea,
娜 to keep the similarity with the “ne” at the end of my name.

One of my Chinese teacher created it for me. How about you?


The embassy gave us Chinese names when we moved to China…
My name is 凯芳妮 (Kǎi fāng nī) which phonetically resembles my real name Stefanie Kaina. 凯 means something along the lines of ‘triumphant’ and 芳 “fragrant”… hence I’m a good-smelling successful woman. :joy: I also got told a couple of times from Chinese that it’s a pleasantly sounding name, so I guess they did a good job. :smiley:


Love that @Stefanie-Mandarin-HSK_3

For some reason Chinese really struggle to give me a name.

I’ve been stuck with 马克思 which is shared with Karl Marx :rofl: needless to say it gets a laugh everytime I share it.

My name is Max Hobbs if anyone has any recommendations :innocent: I had the suggestion from a native speaker - 河马 which means hippo. I (not so) politely declined :sweat_smile:


My Chinese name is 冯哲 Féng Zhé

Oddly enough, it was given to me by a British co-worker, known as the “mad Mank”. He majored in Chinese in University and when I first arrived in China and started the job, he asked me if I had a Chinese name. I replied that I didn’t. He said “give me a few days to think about it, and I’ll come up with one”. He came up with Féng Zhé.

I love this name. 冯 Féng is a common surname but it looks like a horse, and my real name Phillip means “lover of horses”. 哲 Zhé means Philosophy in Chinese so both has the “Phil” connection and makes me sound like a deep thinker :grinning:.

Every Chinese person that I’ve ever told my name automatically says it’s 地道 (authentic) and that it’s a nice name. They could just be blowing smoke , like the old “you speak Chinese so well blah blah”. But I love the name. It’s even on my Chinese drivers license.


Mine is 吕涵涵 lǚ hán hán

涵涵 because everyone said that a Chinese teacher I worked with (who was also a very good friend of mine) called 玉涵 was like my twin and all of her friends called her 涵涵. So one day I switched my WeChat name to 涵涵 and it just kind of stuck!

It’s also perfect because the pinyin hanhan uses all the letters of Hannah and both names can be written backwards and are the same name!

吕 because when I applied for a Chinese language program, a family name was required and I couldn’t really write characters at the time but 2 squares seemed manageable :laughing: I also really liked the sound and had a very close friend with the same surname.

So in a way both parts of my name are like little souvenirs from the people I met in China :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Ottavia-Mandarin_Simplified_HS I believe you just received your new Chinese name :eyes:

You’re right, I finally have a Chinese Name :heart_eyes: which is: 夏塔雅
夏 stands for summer because I was born in summer and I love this season
塔 stands for “sweet” because I love desserts
雅 stands for elegant

I love it!


Sounds nice, sounds rather close to your Italian name. Of course you need a sunny thing in your name. :sun_with_face:
why does 塔 stand for sweet? I am proud to know it as tower. 东方明珠塔,from a LTL lesson :wink:

Maybe 蛋塔 ?

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Yes it should come from the dessert 蛋塔!

I was also thinking that my hometown, Bologna, is famous for the two towers so the “tower” meaning is perfect too ahah :joy:

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I go by Bai Yuehan. Yuehan is a transliteration of ‘John’ and ‘bai’ was one of the few characters I knew the first time I went to China. I have been told an English bishop in Hong Kong used this name.


Nice name! Can you share the characters?

Update on mine - I finally got a great new Chinese name last year thanks to the LTL Beijing team!

郝琪睿 (hǎo qí ruì)

The 郝 is related to my surname Hobbs and the 琪睿 are related to my personality, and someone who looks ahead rather than behind them.

I really liked it and all feedback has been very good.

Super happy with it :smiley:


Just a reminder that we have a Chinese Name Generator if you don’t have one already!

当然。 我叫白约翰。

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My Chinese name was given to me by my mother-in-law (who is Taiwanese) and is 吳加恩。

吳 wǔ - My actual (married) last name
加 jiā - To increase in
恩 ēn - Favor and grace


A name given by a mother-in-law is bound to be a great one! It rolls off the tongue really nicely too.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

A beautiful name and a very meaningful if given by your mother in law!

My Chinese name is 夏爱德 and was given to me by my pastor
夏 means Summer and it is from the sound of the first part of my last name
爱 means Love
德 means Morality

爱德 also sounds like my first name, which is Ed


I finally have a Chinese name! I’m super excited. It reminds me of the last sounds in “Mireille”, which was my French name for class back in the late 90s!

莉 - Lì - Jasmine (also the last syllable in my given name!)
雅 - Yǎ - Elegance

I do not have a surname at current, though… need to think on that. I know there’s a necessity to balance the hanzi with stroke numbers etc… :pleading_face: