Saw an error in a Mandarin PDF or audio file? Please let us know here

We proof read our teaching materials many times and really try to make sure there is nothing wrong before using them, however sometime there are still some mistakes (especially English language) around.
If you see anything that’s wrong or you think could or should be improved, please let us know here.

We will fix it straight away!

Oh, I “feared” this topic will come up at some time. This is my “speciality”. I can’t help seeing other’s typos. (I regularly overlook only my own… :rofl:)
I start with:
HSK2 This T-Shirt is too small
P.4 Wrong tones for 漂亮
P.10 Wrong characters in the blue box for Practise 练习.
P.12/2. Wrong Pinyin for 在。
P. 14 Full stop and new sentence for “They spend…”, and a missing space between every and day.
(Edited my English - e.g. mixed up overlook and oversee :see_no_evil: :rofl:)


Thanks so much, we will fix this asap.

Please send more :+1::smiley:

Prepared for today’s lesson:
HSK2 When do you graduate:
Page8: Fourth row starts with a wrong Pinyin: 最, zuì


HSK1 Review 26 to 29
Page 5 and 7:
这里,missing 3rd tone on li (if necessary, I’m not sure)
Page 12:
In the speech bubble: I would start “any” with a capital A, and I think it should read “between” instead of "with.
Bottom line: It should read “They are the same!”


Thanks so much, we will get those fixed

Intro: Hello
Page 10: 名 has the wrong tone. (4th instead of 2nd)
Page 12: the “to” is missing: Say hello to someone…

…whom you think can speak at least some Mandarin.

I am not sure as I am not a native English: I would leave out the “whom” at all or I would say “who”.


thanks again! We will get that fixed too.

HSK2 Have You Ever Been to Shanghai
Page 4: I would write “the” instead of “The” for the Forbidden City. For non-English people it is nice to know whether the article belongs to the name.
The same with
Page 5: small the for the Bund
Page 6: the Terracotta Warriors, warriors are spelled with an a, but I think they are called the Terracotta Army in English really.
Page 8: it’s no sentence, it’s no topic, so, climbing with a small c, and no full stop at the end.
Page 10: small letters for high speed train, next time
Page 12: Missing spaces after , and . in the first explanation sentence. The second sentence is not a complete sentence: My suggestion:
“还” or “也” follows in the latter part of the sentence.
Page 18: I would correct it like that:
Cute: The original meaning is ‘to heal’. …something being cute or heart-warming.


I asked my English Tandem partner about this sentence. The “at least” has to be earlier in the sentence, of course. The typical mistake of nearly all non-English people. :wink:

‘Say hello to someone you think can at least speak some Mandarin’.


thank you so much. We will go through all of this and fix.
Please keep posting :slight_smile:

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HSK 4 Chapter 5: Feeding Fancies

In slide 10, after the story behind the 望梅止渴 chengyu, the sample sentence used is for another chengyu from an old class, 亡羊补牢.


HSK1 chapter3 Getting a taxi

The English title is wrong, I think it should be “Take a taxi”
Page2: Suggestion: Learn how to express “already”.
Page3: For discussion: 打车 is “to take/ to get a taxi”,at least with the “a”. Maybe only “to get a taxi” to make some difference to 坐出租车。
Page6: Put the following words into the correct order
Page9: after/afterwards (a slash looks nicer)
Page:11: Skip the “to” - Answer the following questions…
Page12: The English has not the usual bold font.
Page13: I’m missing the beautiful Chinese 。。full stops.


HSk4 Lesson 201 Quality Goes With Price_Shanghai_20210218

P.10 “Goods” rather than “Good”


I’m quite sure that the title needs an article
Quality Goes With The Price
@phillip-Mandarin-HSK_4 , what is the meaning of your lesson?
Should it be the saying? Quality Has Its Price


HSK4 Chapter 5: Blind Date slide 9.

The pinyin for 顺利 is incorrect (says shè huì)

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HSK 2: Let’s Get Some Snacks
Slide 7 - English typo “fron” rather than “front”

HSK 2: Going to the Exhibition
Slide 6 - English typo “Car Ehibition” rather than “Car Exhibition”

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Hello Vicki,

Thank you for your feedback. The mistakes have been fixed and we have uploaded the new versions into the system. We really appreciate you helping us make the Flexi Classes better for everyone!


Hello Marco,

Thank you for your feedback. The mistakes have been fixed and we have uploaded the new version into the system. Thank you!


you for the Feedback! The mistake have been fixed and we have uploaded the new version into the system.

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The audio file of HSK2, lesson 54 has a wrong number, it is really lesson 54, and HSK2:

This audio file is really lesson 44 in HSK1:

this one is really HSK2, and lesson 53:

it is both really HSK1, lesson 41

it is really both HSK1, lesson 42

I think you have changed a lot of lesson names, and forgot to check the audios. :wink:
For me it is quicker to look for the numbers and having them downloaded I like to have them in the right order of course. :wink: