Ordering Food in Chinese - Cheat Sheet

Here the Chinese Cheat sheet to order food in a Chinese restaurant. Very useful
Much better than 一个这个,两个那个 :smiley:


Very good. Very good.

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Thanks. It was created by the amazing @Katie
We actually have a lot of these on www.ltl-school.com/learn-chinese if you want to see some more

I would like to share another infographic created by @Katie about ordering food in Chinese, but specific to coffee! :coffee:

热的 :fire: 还是冰的 :snowflake: ? (rè de háishì bīng de?)


Thanks Marine and Katie this is super useful!

It’s funny how you only learn how to say your own coffee order - I was ordering coffee with two colleagues recently, Colleague #1 who is HSK4, Colleague #2 who doesn’t speak any Chinese. Colleague #2 asked if we could order him a double espresso shot - me and Colleague #1 just looked at each other like - oh no…


This is useful. A “part 2” with further words would be great.

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More coffee infographics from one of our latest Instagram post!
Starbucks cups don’t have the same names as other coffee shops so this can be confusing. Although most Starubucks barista in China will understand the English words, here are the Chinese one too, just in case :wink:

Coffee in Chinese 1 Coffee in Chinese 6 Coffee in Chinese 7


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