Suggestions for Chinese Cheat Sheets

Could we have a thread where we can propose certain topics for these cheat sheets?

One I would love to see is “classroom vocabulary” with things such as “verb”, “adjective”, “example”, “negative/positive sentence”, “correct”, “incorrect”, “dialogue”, “new words”.

Are these words introduced on the Intro/HSK1 levels and I may have missed them since I started in the HSK2 lessons?


Thanks so much for bringing this up and yes definitely. @Katie is in charge of this and is very open for suggestions. Afterwards we can also then make a new topic for each Cheat Sheet on the Forum.

I moved this comment into a new topic @Manuel-Mandarin-HSK_2
I would definitely love more people to create topics by their own on Flexi Forum. Just press the “New Topic” button on the top right corner and create a topic for any questions, suggestions or thoughts you have.
I will definitely be there to reply straight away.


Do you have one on punctuation? That would be good to see!

Also - would be really good to have one about using facebook/instagram in chinese, common words (e.g. comment, follow, like, etc).

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We do indeed @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 - one of our recent creations.

The blog is here and has a number of graphics in you can use including this one…



This one is a great idea. We’ll add this to our Monday agenda! Thanks Chloe


We just put the one with class room vocab online, what do you think?

Punctuation one is great! Classroom one was useful too, but that was a while ago - I realise you mean for the adjectives/synonyms etc - I don’t see that one?

I also really liked the drinks menu one - hopefully post-lockdown I can start practicing using that :wink:

How about one for medicines? Paracetamol/ cough syrup / etc etc?

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@Katie what do you think?

Hi Chloe here is the grammar words graphic :slight_smile:
Grammar Words (2)


Yes medicine cheat sheet is a great idea!