One hour per day full courses in Flexi classes question

Hi there LTL team! I am wondering if it would be possible to offer full courses that are 4 hours per week, but 4 days 1 hour each instead of 2 days, 2 hours each? For example, M-Th one hour each day. As I head into HSK 4, I’m finding each lesson has so much vocabulary, etc that it’s becoming harder to remember material from 2-hour courses. I understand if it’s not possible due to logistics, but I thought I’d ask! Thank you!


Thanks a lot for the feedback and we will keep this in mind for the future. We have more than 500 current full time courses running and start about 50 new ones every week so it’s quite a complex system that is not easy to change.
We built it in two and four hour blocks depending on how long someone wants to study.
Currently there is no one hour option, but as always we are open to suggestions on this forum

Any suggestions for our full course structures and what we could do to improve, most welcome and please let us know here.

If many people ask for it, it will most likely happen

I would also prefer to follow courses for one hour per day. The intensive courses of two hours take quite a big chunk out of the day and are quite a big commitment, whereas one hour is much more manageable on an ongoing basis.
In terms of optimal language acquisition, I think one hour per day is better than two hours twice a week.
Aside from that, the two-hour, twice-weekly classes aren’t scheduled conveniently for my time zone (UK) - they are either in the middle of the night or across mealtimes!


I would also prefer this schedule.


I agree, one hour per day is a good schedule. M-Th could be the main lessons, with reviews on Friday. I also think the scheduling should take teachers’ availability further into account, so that a wider choice is offered during the teachers’ preferred hours.

I’ve had an idea that any “empty classes” (where there’s a teacher available but no students yet) should be more flexible, so that the first student to sign up can choose which lesson will be taught, and then other students can join. I think this will improve the scheduling opportunities for everyone, at least in the situation that I’m seeing where most classes are empty but I often find it difficult to schedule specific lessons in the prescribed order. Thanks!

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I would also be more inclined to book a full course if it were 1 hour per day. 1 1/2 hours is the max that my brain can focus in a class, so I’m unwilling to commit to 2 hr classes.


Yes, 1 to 1.5 hours each day would be better and the weekend 4hr classes be 2 hrs on saturday and 2hrs on sunday. It can be difficult to do 2 hrs during the week and 4 hrs on same day at weekend

I really think that’s a great idea! I’ve been having a harder time finding the classes I need for my order at times that I can do, bu other empty classes at times I COULD do. This would make so much sense!


I would also prefer 1 hour per day for each course, spread out over the week. It would be great if class times can take place after office hours in the later evenings Pacific Standard Time as I live in Canada. I am currently signed up for Cantonese full courses and can only do weekends, so that ends up to be 4 hours each Saturday. It’s a bit much for one day. I would also like to learn Taiwanese concurrently, but it is impossible for me to do 8 hours of classes every Saturday. Thank you for your consideration.

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Same here. It’s not good to keep your eyes on the screen for two hours. I was the only student in the zoom room and my teacher noticed me tiring and yawning the second hour.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for the feedback. We are looking into how best organise the courses at the moment. It’s quite a complex system so not easy to change, but we will.
In the meantime booking Flexi Classes usually is the best way to study, don’t worry too much about the order of classes and study topics several times for revision

I absolutely agree. I find that my mind begins to shut down after 1.5 hours, so I would also prefer 1 hr per day for 4 days a week.