[NEW] Italian B1 now available!

Whazzup? We’re excited to announce that the new level Italian B1 is up on our system! Here’s a bit of a teaser for the new level.

IT B1 T201 Italian Northern Regions 2023 11 29.pdf (1.2 MB)
IT B1 T224 Create Your Motto 21 12 2023.pdf (875.8 KB)
IT B1 T248 Pronto, I Need Help 2024 01 19.pdf (536.7 KB)

Our Creator team are very excited for some of the very interesting in-depth topics that you suggested in the Forum post previously, so be sure to check out for such lessons. This level is 100% in Italian, guarantee an immersive learning opportunity, and we are making changes to our lesson template. We really hope that you will enjoy this level B1!

Got any Feedback? Tell us here | https://forms.gle/fci9MmRvqkKXG96r5

Have fun learning everyone!


Love to see it. Will have to get stuck into some of these soon :slight_smile:

Anyone else here learning Italian?

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Very well done on launching the B1 level :tada:

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