[NEW] Italian A2+ now available

Ciao, we’re excited to announce that the new level Italian A2+ is up on our system! Fun fact: this level marked the 59th level project throughout the 10 languages that we are offering on Flexi. Here’s a bit of a teaser for the new level :wink::+1:

IT A2+ T153 Italian Culture Quiz 2023 08 10.pdf (672.3 KB)
IT A2+ T163 Meet the In-Laws 2023 09 03.pdf (539.3 KB)
IT A2+ T184 Italians Living Abroad 2023 22 09 .pdf (622.2 KB)

Our team are very excited to publish this level because finally we can talk more in-depth about some cultural points of Italy along with grammar or vocab, like history, geography, relation dynamics for Italians, etc. We really hope that you will enjoy these lessons.

Up next, level B1 is in the making! Spoiler alert: It’s gonna be 100% in Italian, fully immersive. Stay tuned.

Got any Feedback? Tell us here | https://forms.gle/fci9MmRvqkKXG96r5

Have fun learning everyone!

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Have suggestion for level B1? Voice it in this post Want the material for Italian B1 available soon? Let us know. Our team is listening :wink:

@Max @Tuk-Mandarin_Simplified_HSK_5 We have an exciting announcement for Italian new level :wink:

Which of these lessons sounds fascinating to you?


Testing the in-laws sounds super fun! Might have to put this into practice when I go there for Christmas.

My new life in Italy sounds fun too.

Made in Italy, Soccer Season, the recipe for Tiramisu… so many to get stuck into!

Thanks Holly

PS - maybe @Sonja-Mandarin-HSK_3 would be interested in these too?

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3 booked in already! Let’s go :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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