Make the "Credit" Page Easier to Understand

I got some feedback from students that after they got a subscription they were confused by the “Credits” page LTL Flexi Classes

It was not clear to them how to change their subscription and what changing the subscription or canceling it actually did.

Did anyone else struggle with understanding the Credits page? If yes, what made it difficult to understand and do you have any specific suggestions on how to improve it?

All feedback most welcome and we will incorporate it into the new design.

Btw is it on purpose that it’s always been 60 classes/month?

When I was new I did some calculating but decided it is much easier to take the monthly 5 credits and buy extra credits if needed/possible.

What would help, maybe, to feel on the safe side: Get a very last reminder one day before the booking possibility closes.


I was confused because I couldn’t find the fixed online classes packages in the credits page


I remember i was confused by this part as it only references what happens when you have an active subscription. Only suggestion would be that you say if you have no active subscription … X…; if you have an active subscription … Y…


the Currency is USD but why it says “euro” there?


I was (and still am) confused by what will happened if I canceled my subscription. Does it cancelled all my currents credits in the same time ? Because I don’t want to have an automatic subscription, I really prefer to do it by myself every months :slight_smile: I almost decided not to try LTL because of this particular aspect, really don’t like to feel “forced” and to have to remember to unsuscribe every month, there is so many scam about that in other companies that it feel not safe at all. It would be good to have a bit more options and make it a bit more clearer :)))


Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.
Did you ever read the Credits Help page?

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a month’s subscription
= the time of booking, lessons’ time can be any time,
= the period of time when you still can change your dates (72 hours before the date at least)

tip: use a subscription with your minimum possible lessons
buy extra credits for more lessons

stop a subscription= only means no booking time

in short, correct?


I do the same as Sonja, I have 5 lessons per month subscription and buy more packs when I have more/less time. I think that is the most practical for me as I never know when my job will get super busy


Part of it yes :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Did you find the FAQ section for Credits during your first visit or should this be made more obvious?

Cancelling your subscription has no effect at all on your credits. They remain valid just as they would have been with a subscription. The only thing that changes when you cancel your subscription is that you will not get new credits on the renewal date.

Yes, i think the FAQ should be more obvious, I had to search for it and most of the link you find in the “online classe” page are “sign up” button which make it even more scarier for people like me with some bad experiences :slight_smile: It would be really helpful to have it at the beginning of the page with the “flexi classes” “how do flexi classes work” “how to learn online” etc and maybe in the footer of the website (this is the first place I searched for it but didn’t find)

The thing that convinced me that it was safe to subscribe was in fact your instagram account :slight_smile: It took me like a few months before jumping and try after I saw that you were really engaged and that there was no bad comments. I would have had trouble to just believe the website because I was really unsure of the subscription conditions (there is always the small written conditions in the bottom of the contract that you did not read :slight_smile: )

Now I really love the online classes, it is really helpful in my journey through learning chinese !


Scenario: I have one credit left, it will expire tomorrow. I use that credit now to book a class two weeks from now. A few days later I realize I can’t take the class at that time. If I “cancel” it in order to change the date, will I lose that credit?


Very good question and I wanted to know this too!

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Thanks a lot and that’s very interesting. We are very reliable, with ten thousands students who studied with us, real physical schools (not just some website) and more than a decade in operation now.
However, we know that, but people who for the first time see our website don’t. We try to give that feeling of safety to visitors, but obviously we are not good enough at it.

From your perspective, without the Instagram account, is there anything that would have made you feel safe enough to pay?
And what were you mainly afraid of? That your credit card details will be lost, that this is all a scam, the classes would not be good or anything else?

And great feedback for our Instagram. The lady to thank for that is our amazing @Marine

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Yes you will effectively loose it. The credit is returned to you because you cancelled more than 72h in advance, however if the credit is expired already so it can’t be used to book a class anymore.

On an unrelated note (not for you Phil, I have just been told to mention this whenever I can) please everyone cancel your classes even if the credit is not returned. We have every day 5+ classes where a student did not cancel their class, then don’t show up and a teacher prepares for a class and then spends an hour looking at an empty screen waiting for a student who will never come. Always try to cancel as early as possible, but if it’s short notice, it’s still better than nothing.

Now that I learned to now you, I trust you 100% but yes, at first I was kind of “huuuum, seems too good to be true, where is the catch ?” Haha.

I was not scared about my credit card details being lost because I feel my bank is dealing good with this kind of problem but I was definitively afraid of being charged without my consent later. I really didn’t like to give my credit card details for the three classes trial even if I kind of understand why, when I discovered that, I decided not to do it at first. Also, I know that I am the kind of person who sometimes forget to unsubscribe and it already cost me a few bucks, I don’t like this kind of subscription system, every company is doing it to make it “easier” for the people but it is not (at least for me). I was also afraid that, in case of problem, no one would answer to my mail or help me (it happens a lot, not only in the field of teaching :slight_smile: but don’t worry, I now know that there is people to help in case I need it.

I knew that the classes would be good, I saw what people told on Instagram (Congrats @Marine, you are doing a really good job at giving us a sense of security and professionalism :)) So I decided that it was worth the risk of loosing money and took the trial. I do not regret it hahaha !

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Hello @bahia-Mandarin-HSK_2, thank you very much for your nice comment and thoughts about our Free Trial. We’ve been in touch already via email in French but I’ll use English so everyone can understand :wink:

We really like to get our students’ opinions so thank you for sharing!

Everyone at LTL really worked hard, and still IS working hard, to provide the best online classes as well as the easiest process to try them out before committing.

I am very sorry you had bad experiences with brands before regarding subscriptions, and I am glad you decided to trust LTL. In these times and age we have to be so careful about what we buy and who we trust online, I am the first to think about a purchase 10 times over before actually buying!

Being out of China and all team members working on several continents has been a challenge but we made it work beautifully, and I am very happy you got that safe feeling about us through social media.

We are a small team of very committed people, doing our best to create a community of passionate language learners, always approachable and happy to help anyone in their journey. And we’ll continue to do so for many many years to come.

I’ll stop here now, thank you and maybe I’ll see you in a class :relaxed:

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Thank you for the nice comment @Andreas_Admin_Flexi

@ltl_mandarin has been a great success this year and we’ve got lots of content planned, always experimenting with new formats and listening to what our students need.

We’ve also got @Katie to thank as she creates incredible learning infographics such as Cheat Sheets, Reels and many more!


We just updated the “Credits” section for users who currently do not have an active subscription. I hope that will be easier to understand for someone who just signed up and has no subscription and does not know what to do.
We will change the design for people with active subscriptions they might want to change/cancel too, but thats the next step.

Any feedback? What could look better? Anything unclear?

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