Learn Chinese in China || Your Dream Program?

Hypothetical one for everyone.

If you had 6 months and no money constraints, what would your dream 6 month Chinese language program look like?

Here is mine:

– Start with 2 months of learning Chinese in Chengdu. I went there recently for the first time and loved the pace of the city. The people were super nice and the food great. I think 2 months here would be a perfect start.

– 2 months of learning Chinese in Beijing. A place to me I can call home having lived there for 3 years. The food, the people and the accent are all super familiar to me and it’s a place I attribute to making great progress.

– 2 months of learning Chinese in Chengde. The two times I’ve been to Chengde before were the two moments I truly push my Chinese to the next level. Immersive environments don’t get much better. I feel after 2 more months here I could push to new heights.

I’d start in June and finish at the end of November just in time for Christmas back in the UK :wink:

What does your dream program look like?

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Great question!

For me, my dream would absolutely be to study Chinese in Shanghai for 4 months (definitely during the summer!) and then 2 months of studying Chinese in Chengdu so I can experience the pandas, the city and of course - the hotpot :drooling_face:

I actually previously studied in Shanghai and stayed with a homestay for one month, but it wasn’t nearly long enough! So I’d love to study in China for a few months and really get settled into local life.

Here’s what my previous homestay experience looked like if anyone is curious :wink:

Nice share! Love the article, looks like you had a great time at the homestay Hannah.

I’d say that’s definitely the way to do it, you learn so much more.

Glad you agree with me on learning Chinese in Chengdu :wink:

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That’s a good one!

My ideal plan would be:

  • 3 Months in Shanghai because I absolutely LOVE the city
  • 3 Months in Beihai because I would live in a very immersive environment since there’s not many foreigners there and it’s also by the sea!!

Ideally I would start my program in February, so I can spend Chinese New Year in Shanghai and then summer in Beihai :heart_eyes:

Great idea actually :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I guess I have Golden Week in there for October.

I would love to go study Chinese in Beijing again! My last time there was a blast and made lots of progress with my speaking skills, I also like that in Beijing they have a standard accent so it was easier to understand people.

My ideal program would be:

  • 2 months of learning Chinese in Beijing
  • 2 months of learning Chinese in Shanghai because I’ve only been there for a few days and would love to see what life looks life in such a big city
  • 2 months of learning Chinese in Beihai for the language immersion and also the proximity to the beach :beach_umbrella:

Beachy Beihai = popular :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :beach_umbrella: