Joined the 100 Club

Finally got to my 100th Flexi Class today. Took longer than expected after my 3 month hiatus but finally made it.

Anyone a part of the elite club yet?! Time to redeem my free week course now :heart_eyes:

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 14.27.56


Congratulations Max !

I’m really close to my 250th class, but still really far from achieving fluency. :sweat_smile:
But anyway, I’m enjoying the classes and definitely can feel some amazing progress compared to when I started from scratch ~ two years ago. :confetti_ball:


Oh wow, puts my 100 to absolute shame - superb work Antoine.

Keep on going, you’ll be well set when the borders open to have some in-depth conversations with the locals. That’s when you’ll realise the work you’ve put in has been all worth it.

Glad you’re enjoying studying with Flexi :smiley:


@Max Congratulations on reaching 100 classes!
@Antoine-Mandarin-Intro Congratulations on nearing 250 classes!

How about some badges? 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300…? Gaming type incentives :sweat_smile:


Interesting idea. Any suggestions for badge names?

We could use that joke categorisation mentioned Funny - Language learning stages
50: Beginner
100: Waystage
150: Threshold
200: Vantage
250: Operational Proficiency
300: Mastery



I like that!

I’m almost halfway to 100. Which is my ultimate goal, because MAN I will claim that one week. :joy:


I have reached the 50 badge. :woman_student: :star_struck:
Tomorrow is my 56th LTL lesson.


Wow that’s really impressive! Just shows the progress you can achieve with commitment and consistency :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to seeing the new badge graphics and their descriptions. And earning one… :smiley:

How can I see how many classes I’ve done? I looked at All Past Classes but there’s no number

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There is no number for that at the moment but as a work around there is a summary for how many classes you reviewed. If you always review all classes then you know

I just joined the 100 Club and have reviewed 102 classes. What are the details for redeeming the free week course?


Congrats Sarah, that’s a great effort. I’m sure @Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 will be able to enlighten you.

Keep up the great work :smiley:

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Well done and welcome to the 100 Club!
You will get a one week free group class course at LTL Beijing, Shanghai or Taipei.
Participation is subject to availability of course, which means that Beijing and Shanghai are hard to do with the current Covid restrictions. Taiwan however has some visas already working for students traveling there and it should open up further soon.
We are looking to expand this to LTL Korea and LTL Japan soon too.
Just enquire with the school and mention you are a member of the “Flexi 100 Club” to get your free week of group classes.

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Congrats to everyone in the 100+ club! I’m working on it.

I was wondering where people stay during class, but I found my answer in the LTL-School site header after looking a little more carefully. So, no need to answer.

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