How to Unsubscribe

I just tried a free class and decided it’s not for me. How do I unsubscribe? How do I make sure my credit card doesn’t get charged in the future? Thanks a lot.

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Go to “Credits” in the menu (or LTL Flexi Classes) scroll down and click unsubscribe. You will never be charged again.

A shame to see you go though. Any suggestions what we could improve to keep a student like yourself with us for the future?

Actually, I found nothing to dislike on your side! The problem is on my side. First of all I could not get the technical set-up to work. While I was able to hear everybody in class clearly, nobody could hear me. It is very strange, because immediately after leaving class, I skyped a friend without changing any settings. And she could hear me clearly. I tried both in-built mic and plug-in. Neither worked for the class, but both worked well on Skype.
Apart from that, I just don’t like working with the computer.
So, It’s all on me! Thanks for letting me try though. Cheers, Ute

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Ah ok fully understand. Sometimes a software uses the microphone and won’t allow other software to use it. Restarting the computer is the easiest way to solve that.
Not sure if that was it, but that has happened to me in the past.
Even with a working microphone of course it’s still all online.
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