How do you find good local food when you travel?

When I travel, one of the thing I like the most is discovering new flavours and dishes. I always try to look for the most typical places to go eat🤤.

I usually use tiktok or Instagram to find these places.

How do you find good local food when you travel?

I usually have a look at Google Maps for what’s around me and check the reviews.

However if I see a restaurant with a lot of tourists I don’t go :laughing:
I usually look for the busy restaurants where only locals eat, also places outside of busy touristic areas

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Me too! If I see there’re too many tourist, I’ll just change place😅

if i’m traveling on business I usually have to urge my coworkers to take me where the “normal people” eat… lol. they often opt to go to more fancier places, which are usually a let down. My first trip to Taipei about 10 years ago we were eating all sorts of fancy stuff and I was pretty unimpressed, then the last day our colleague, in a rush to get to meetings later that day, just took us to Din Tai Feng (which of course now is insanely popular around the globe). Immediately I was like… “what is this!!! how have we not been going here the entire time!!!” lol


Just go to the places that have zero English :sweat_smile:

In Asia, the smaller night markets are great aren’t they. In Taipei for example I typically avoid Shilin having been once (too touristy).

The smaller ones tend to hit better.

In Europe (for example when I’ve been alone in Italy), always Osteria/Trattoria, as I’m sure you’ll agree @Ottavia-Mandarin_Simplified_HS :grin: you know you’re going to get something true and local at these little gems


I usually ask tripadvisor. Worked again this time perfectly. I found the ultimate best and original Italian gelato.

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Totally agree!

That reminds me of that time in Vietnam in a little Ban Xeo place: no English at all but the food was🤤

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Look for a restaurant in a normal neighborhood that is 80% full. Call the 服务员 over, “你们这儿有什么好吃的,能不能推荐一下?” 。。。“好,来一份儿,还有一瓶啤酒,冰的。先上啤酒吧!”


Great example and one of the best meals we had in Saigon wasn’t it!

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I love how Beijing your writing is :sweat_smile:

Also note the importance of the 啤酒 at a Chinese restaurant!