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I couldn’t find a topic for general flexi-forum help/ Q&A so just made one - feel free to combine with another thread if it exists.

I realised just now that if you click the “reply” button next to someones post (i.e. bottom right hand corner) it will let you reply to a specific post - e.g., I just replied to Sonja’s message.

If you reply using the blue “reply” button, it just replies to the whole thread without referencing and individual post.

Maybe this was obvious to other people but I kept wondering why I couldn’t reply to other people!


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Thanks so much for sharing this. Its those little things that make using the forum easier. If anyone sees something they would like to change or find confusingin the forum please make a topic and I will get on fixing this straight away.

I may have missed it, but is there a help topic thread for issues booking classes? I’ve been trying to book a 1:1 for Thursday and keep getting this error message: “Nullability mismatch on variable $tailorMade and argument tailorMade (Boolean / Boolean!)” :confused:

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Now that’s definitely a programming error. Could you send me a screenshot either here or email to support and we will get this fixed straight away.
Sorry we are currently updating a few things (implementing a lot of the changes that students asked for here) and that can lead to errors like this too.
Will get it fixed but would need to know where exactly it happened. A screenshot would be best

I got your email, thanks. I just tried this and indeed that is a bug. We will get it fixed asap.
Thanks so much for letting me know. Will be fixed within today!

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Finished. We just fixed the bug. You can now book 1on1 classes again. Sorry for the bug and thanks a lot for reporting it so fast so we could fix it.

General question - what is the latest time you can book onto a flexiclass?

A general question about post-lesson teacher feedback.

The other day in the e-meet up @Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 you mentioned that the teacher receives the lesson feedback but doesn’t know which student it’s from. Is that correct? Does LTL also receive / review the feedback?

I have given a lot of feedback in my earlier classes assuming it was going to LTL, not the teacher! (if you are the only student in the class it’s pretty obvious it’s your feedback).

Some feedback I think will not help the teacher, it is something that LTL needs to address with the teacher / provide some consolidated feedback from students. There is also some feedback that I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to the teacher.


Yes, feedback for classes is visible for LTL. For teachers, individual written comments (not scores though) are displayed, however they are not attached to any class. A teacher does not know which specific class the feedback refers to, so it still remains anonymous even if you were the only student in the class.
The aim of the feedback is to help teachers to improve, so we want them to see it. Written feedback with specific suggestions of what to improve is very useful and actually very much appreciated by teachers.
If there is something you would want our teaching management team to address, best to email us on [email protected]ses.com


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