For 1 on 1 classes, is it possible to choose your teacher?

Hi! For 1 on 1 classes, is it possible to choose your teacher? Or is it randomly assigned?

I’ve never taken one using fleix-classes but if I could choose teacher I would consider it

Note: I’ve just seen the note specifically saying you can’t choose a teacher due to their calendar restrictions, but I would be open to being flexible about time for certain teachers if it were possible to choose


It is possible to book a course with a specific teacher but that would be organised outside Flexi Classes.

You can request a Flexi teacher for a 1on1 program and then follow a fixed schedule with them.

This is the more “traditional” way of studying where you study at fixed times, always with the same teacher and go through the materials in exact order.

Our Flexi Teachers usually teach both Flexi and these fixed time programs. If you are time wise able to commit to a fixed schedule it’s a great solution.

If you need more flexibility then Flexi is the better way. You can ask for a teacher in the notes but it can’t be guaranteed that they will be able to take it.
Flexi teachers for 1on1 classes leave notes for the next 1on1 teacher inside the system by th way, so the next teacher knows where and how to continue your 1on1 Flexi Classes.

PS: I created a new topic for this, as its a separate question and I think other people might think about this too. Any future questions regarding booking 1on1 classes with specific teachers from anyone, please ask here.


I agree with Chloe that it is nice to be able to choose a teacher, or several teachers, for flex 1:1. All are great, but sometimes you know that certain teachers will be particularly good for you in one specific topic, because you have studied something similar together before. But I appreciate that logistically, it would be very difficult to implement.


Thanks yes and I agree. In the end It’s a trade off. What Flexi gives is being able to study at any time, cancel classes umlimites times, re-arrange classes easily.
What it takes is the option to freely choose a teacher because then we would need to restrict the times one can book classes (depending when the teacher is available), not allow so easy cancellations or re scheduling (because that specific teacher committed to a time so they need a guarantee that the class will take place).

It is of course possible to book any class with a specific teacher that is planned by clicking on the teachers profile and see all their upcoming classes.
Or study a fixed time course that always has the same teacher.

However requesting a specific teacher for a class is not possible.

What some students do is combine our fixed time 1on1 classes where you can choose your teacher but have to follow a fixed schedule with Flexi classes. That is no problem.

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During the last weeks I booked 1on 1 classes with Tina Wang. I am very satisfied, but there is a problem with the booking. We (Tina and I) agreed about a fixed schedule twice a week, but that does not fit to the booking schedule. Today the only possibility is 10 lessons during one month. But I need 8 lessons during 4 weeks or 10 lessons during 5 weeks. Can you fix it?


There are two ways of solving this case where you need a few more credits that one subscription offers / a few fewer credits that another subscription offers per month

  1. Get a smaller subscription then what you need and then buy individual credits for the classes you need.

  2. Get a bigger subscription and use it to book further ahead then your subscription length (which you can do, credits validity only apply to the tile by which the booking needs to be made, the classes booked can be as far into the future as you want) and then stop your subscription (all credits remain valid even after cancellation) and only re activate it once you need credits again

I hope that helps