Do you believe in zodiac signs?

Chinese new year is almost here… here’s some insights about this year zodiac sign: the dragon!

Do you believe in zodiac signs?

My Chinese zodiac sign is the tiger and I feel that many characteristics of this sign match with my personality!

What about yours?

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Mine is the dog :dog: Apparently its characteristics are that they are patient, loyal, honest, hard working and reliable. I like to think it matches my personality too!

Also, I’ve heard once that it is bad luck when your zodiac year comes around, however mine (2018) was a very good one!

Apparently you need to wear red in your zodiac year to bring good luck and drive away the bad luck.

We’ve been talking a lot about star signs and zodiacs in the Beijing office lately. A hot topic.

Some people are genuinely very superstitious whilst others like me aren’t at all! I do find the topic super interesting to talk about in Chinese culture though.

I am very proudly a Dragon :dragon: (although as you said @Marine , it might mean I’m in for a bad year)! Thankfully my lack of superstitions means I’m not super worried about it :joy:

I’m also a Sagittarius which I’m told is a super combination. I learnt the word for Sagittarius which is 射手座 :sagittarius:

What are your star-signs in Chinese?

Just wear something red all year long and you’ll be fine :laughing:

My star sign is cancer :cancer:. I didn’t know you could combine the two zodiacs so I made some research and there is a website for it!

“The true thoughts of the mysterious, vulnerable and sensitive Cancer-Dogs are a mystery to others. People of this combination are a little reserved and very prudent: rarely they open their hearts.”

Knowing that I am an INFJ this quote is very relevant :laughing:

Nice share!

Mine starts with this:

“Sagittarius-Dragon man has an extremely optimistic character. He rarely sees negative manifestations of life, as he tries not to notice it. He likes to do different interesting things, as well as to get involved in the unusual in life. He is always cheerful and active, can lead to many in his many and varied hobbies.”

I’d also say this is pretty accurate! :dizzy_face:

Thank you, Marine, for sharing the zodiac sign combination. I’m curious to see what they say about me.
Mine is leo-pig and at pig year, I think everything went smoothly for me.
For Vietnamese, we believe that at the age of 31, 33, 49, or 53 (lunar age), there will be bad luck coming, so we better not do something big like a big investment, a startup, and so on.

I will remember that :eyes:

I’m a pig :sob: :sob: :sob: so I like to think there’s absolutely no similarities there at all…

ALTHOUGH I did hear a few times that pigs are lucky, but that’s seems like more of a consolation prize for coming last in the zodiac race :laughing:

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There may be a few sites that show combinations. The one you posted was so far off describing my personality as a Sagittarius Ox woman, I searched for another site. Most sites that describe Sagittarius only are right on. I found this one for SO woman, and it was mostly spot-on for my character: Sagittarius Ox Horoscope, The Open-minded Sagittarian Ox Personality Character Traits I can even agree with the weaknesses, lol!

I’m not superstitious though, I just think it’s fun.

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Great. Thank you for sharing. I will see what they say about me :blush:

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I’m not really superstitious in any way but I heard earlier this year that your year tends to be harder and more stressful.

Any dragons out there going through pain this year?!

I am a Cancer/Water Pig, all of it suits me quite well! I think zodiac stuff is fun, as long as you don’t take it too seriously. Maybe a little seriously. :laughing:

The last Pig year was a mixed bag for me… :sob: So, next time it comes around, I’ll just wear red all year…

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