What is your Myers Briggs Personality Type? Let's share our personality type! Link Below

Link: Free Personality Test | 16Personalities

Mine is ENFP-A

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Apparently I’m ISTJ-T which stays for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging, Turbulent :exploding_head:

Mine is INFJ-A :v:

Your personality type is Logistician ISTJ-A


I am an INTJ :slight_smile:


Very fun share that @Rushi


“Defenders are very dedicated and warm protectors, always ready to defend their loved ones.” - sounds about right :rofl:

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I am INTP.

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Lots of introverts here!


Spending time alone at home learning languages. :smiley:
INFP here myself.


Anymore extroverts out there :eyes:

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I’m ENFJ-T or “Protagonist”.

Cant believe i’m the only extrovert so far!! Haha i’m sure many of the LTL teachers are E (I’m also a teacher) :smile:

Ooo a rare E!

I’m also surprised how many I’s there are.

The Marketing department at LTL is split 3 I and 2 E.

I was actually 47% E 53% E so almost right on the border!

What do you teach @Charlene-Mandarin-HSK_4 ?

I’m a music teacher :blush: Worked at many primary and secondary schools in the past. Now, I run a private music school and mostly just teaching piano :musical_keyboard: plus all the admin stuff

You must be an organised and reliable individual :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind words. I must admit that at times, it can be too much. This is partly why I’m not particularly fond of watching films. Some of the movies I’ve seen tend to have events that don’t connect with each other, making it quite challenging for me to follow and understand. :rofl:

ENFJ - T, 59% Extra 41% Intro.
I think my E is a little high as I would consider myself a social introvert


Let’s bring back this thread! If you are a new student comment your personality type :v:

If you haven’t already you can do the test here - Free Personality Test | 16Personalities

I retook the test last month after we were talking about it in the office.

Same result


I think I want to take my test again cause I know that sometimes your personality can change over time so who knows…