Another way to look for class with a specific topic

Hi guys, I guess you all go to the tab “Book a class”.
Today I will share with you guys another way of booking a class

  1. Go into My level.

  2. Click on the topic that you want to find a class with that. For example here, I want to find the topic “How old are you” in Chapter 2

Voila, you can choose class from this without scrolling through a list of classes in the tab Book a class :grin:


Great step-by-step! I used to book my classes like that when I was new to Flexiclasses and was keen to take all the classes in order.

Now I put my focus on WHEN rather than which class I take and choose my available time over “Book a Class” and see which class on my level is being offered that time.

I guess that’s also the beauty of Flexiclasses… that everybody has the freedom to book whenever, whatever and however they please. :grin:


Bug report: Currently, if we click on a previously scheduled class on the “My Level” page, it takes us to a “Topic Details” page that fails to include the session that we have already booked. (I’ve reported this issue before, but it hasn’t been fixed yet.)