Booked class not shown on my booked classes

I booked a group class for thursday 18th of august 7:00( my time in vienna)

But it is not shown on my: booked classes?

When I want to book same time, its forbidden!

Can you solve this problem?


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That is very strange and we will check that first thing Monday in the office.
Did you try refreshing the page?

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Just a quick update, the class is there on the system when we checked. I am not sure why it didnt show up for you straight away. Does it all work for you now? The class is in two days so I want to make sure that you can take it.

I think I can see what probably happened to Regina. If I go to My Level and then click on any of my upcoming (scheduled) classes, I get a page that doesn’t show my scheduled class.

For example, I’ve scheduled “Buying Clothes” on Friday Sept 2, but this page doesn’t show any class on Sept 2. Maybe it’s supposed to show at the top, since I’m enrolled, but it’s not there.

Hi Brett,
I see what you mean:
My Classes” shows my booked classes (and recommended and past classes), and “My Level” shows a date next to a booked class.
If you click any deeper it is no more your personal page and doesn’t show your data.
Book A Class” does not show any booked classes.
These are just small orientation problems at the beginning.
But apart from that, of course, technology can always do strange things sometimes as well. :wink: