Your Best China Pics in Autumn 📸

Here’s something a bit different: let’s share our best pictures of China in Autumn! :camera_flash:

A nice little break from language learning, and a bit more about China itself.

I’ll start:

Here are some pictures of the Great Wall of China (Mutianyu part) taken in November 2019. One of our LTL student back then wanted to go to the wall so I took her there. I can’t wait to do this again, with a larger group next time I hope! The colours were amazing, and I must admit we didn’t “climb” the wall, but rather took the cable car :mountain_cableway:


Nice thread Marine, chance to get nostalgic with closed borders.

I’ve got four to share, although two are cheating!

The first two are cheating but they took place in Autumn so why not?!

Pictures 1 & 2 - this was my first LTL birthday, November 2017. Moving to China with zero friends and 3 months later meeting some faces that would come on to remains friends for life! LTL really made my first birthday in China super special. Missing being there with everyone!

Picture 3 is Shanghai - the sheer scale of the buildings there blows my mind. Absolutely love the place despite the inevitable neck ache that follows. This is the tallest building in Shanghai and one of the worlds biggest.

Picture 4 was a winters trip to Tianjin. I loved this “China house” picture.


The old Beijing school in picture 1!! So many memories in that place

People admiring the Gingko Trees on 东直门外大街 four days ago. It was actually my first time joining in all the fun despite having lived in China before.

And the view to the opposite side… the place was PACKED with hundreds of people.


@Stefanie-Mandarin-HSK_3 Oh thats the embassy district. I used to live right next door. Beautiful every spring - I remember how careful one had to be when cycling to not accidentally hit some over motivated selfie taker :smiley:

@Max oh…this is a long time ago, but I still remember every student in that picture. I forgot about the "跟我说汉语“ T Shirts. We should get those again!

@Marine great thread - especially for those who miss Beijing and still cant go because of that stupid 疫情. I wish I had some to share, but just checked none on my phone. I always just watched other people taking pictures…



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@Stefanie-Mandarin-HSK_3 @phillip-Mandarin-HSK_4 your pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing :heart_eyes:

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昨天晚上在北新桥头条胡同里拍的。(Beixinqiao toutiao hutong, Beijing)


That’s so pretty. I miss 北新桥 and 三里屯。
Actually I miss Beijing all together. They better open those borders soon!

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Me opening this topic made me miss Beijing a lot more than I thought! :joy:
Absolutely love this picture