Words to create with 火


I love mindmaps like this.
I even go into more details when writing my own. E.g.: 机= machine= 木+几
It’s the only method for me to learn the signs and not to get confused with all this “similar” stuff. :upside_down_face:


That’s the best way of learning Characters. Instead of trying to remember a picture, Separate them into radicals. It makes it a lot easier. Do you have have our Chinese radicals poster yet? Thats a pretty nice summary of all the radicals. I am not in the office anymore but can send it tomorrow.

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By the way we have a lot of these on http://www.ltl-school.com/learn-chinese
If you want have a look there and if there are any mindmaps (I like that word) you would enjoy let me know here and we will make one for you.
I will post some more here in the future too.

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Just posted a new one for Dragon Boat Festival, have a look

I’ve discovered LTL on instagram, the best place to explore all the mindmaps etc. :+1: :grinning:


My suggestion: I would like to have a mindmap with the radical for movement/walk.
边,近,进,运,道 (知道) 。。。

Another idea for HSK2 learners especially:
A mindmap showing the bricks to distinguish 着,真,看,懂,事,最,


I’m so happy to hear you say that considering that’s my department at LTL Sonja!!

Any feedback to improve our Instagram further, or ideas for content, do let us know.

We are always keen to listen and improve.

PS - those suggestions above I have noted and will pass onto the team :slight_smile:


That’s great. The LTL Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ltlmandarinschool/
is great for learning Mandarin

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Is there an LTL WeChat? I’ve not been able to find a school account there to follow.

My favourite word with 火 is 火山. :volcano: It was one of the first words I learned from characters and is still the example I use when talking about Chinese characters to people who don’t know any Chinese to get them interested.

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Yes there is! It’s called LTLDailyChinese
I am not sure how you can share the contact of a WeChat account outside WeChat (advice most welcome)

Is the latest article on there.

We don’t have that many followers on there but are very interested in suggestions how to make it better.

I usually share the QR code, but that’s as technical as I get. I will go search for the account now. Thanks!

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That’s a very good idea and really should be possible. Somehow I can’t find that QR code for the official account though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
If you manage to please let me know how.