Winter to Summer Time Switch

In the next few weeks some countries will change from winter to summer time. T
It is quite messy with different countries changing on different dates. The US makes the beginning tonight.

A summary here

China, Japan, Korea like most of Asia do not change clocks at all.

In Flexi Classes make sure you have the correct time zone chosen under “My Settings”.
Classe will automatically be displayed correctly in the time zone you chose.
Note that if you are studying a full course that is scheduled according to for example Paris time but you are in the US your class times will change as next week the US is in summer time already but Europe is not yet.
All class times will be displayed correctly under My Classes and Book a Class in your time zone, so just go there to check.

It didn’t lead to any confusion last year (or at least I wasn’t told of any) so I am pretty sure it will be fine for everyone but I’m case you are experiencing any issues of have questions just post here.

Happy summer everyone (on the North side of the planet)!


Thank you for the reminder!

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And today Europe changed from Winter to Summer time

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It’s not always clear, how to select the correct time zone.

I’m in California and the system shows my time zone as “(GMT-8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)” but currently we’re on Pacific Daylight Time which is actually GMT-7:00. The time appears to be correct since I selected Pacific Time, but the GMT reference is incorrect for now. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum @Brett-Vietnamese-VN_Intro
Thanks for the tip and that makes a lot of sense. I checked it and it seems that the way they display international time zones is always with the same time number of hours difference to GMT and then you have to adjust for summer/winter time yourself.
GMT is also not really used anymore, it’s now calles Coordinated Universal Time (confusingly abbreviated UTC), which is like GMT and without summer or winter time.
Seems to be basically the time in Morocco. Whatever time it is in Casablanca that’s UTC.

We take the time zones from an outside server and that’s how they calculate it. I hope that makes sense. Definitely stay on your California time zone though, there is no need to switch anything for summer/winter time.

I find this whole time zone incredibly confusing…