Why can't we join a class that has a student in it on the fly anymore?

I used to be able to join a class (obviously after using a credit) anytime as long as the class already had a student in it and a teacher was assigned.
I’ve literally joined a class 10 minutes before it started, but now an error message shows that I can’t book the class because it’s too short of a time… Flexi should have this option back…
It’s a really great feature because of adult schedules and work and whatnot.


If this is no longer the case due to a change in policy by LTL , could we please be informed what is the latest time possible that we can confidently book a class before it’s start time.
I am in agreement that as adults doing adult things with adult responsibities we need assurance that we canbook to attend a class up to a certain time prior to it’s commencement.

This sounds like a bug. It’s not really in LTL’s (or anyone else’s) interest to prevent willing students from joining a class.

If it is a bug how do we report it? I’m not sure how to that or where?

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That is definitely a bug as @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5 already rightly said. Thanks a lot for reporting.
Here is the right place to report it, so thanks that worksband we will fix it.

In general if you see anything wrong a screenshot and the URL (can be part of the screenshot), plus a description what exactly you did (preferably again with screenshot) before the problem occurred help with tracking the problem.

In this case I can test this myself easily so all good. We will get on it.

@BRUCE-Mandarin-HSK_2 don’t worry we wouldn’t change anything like that without letting people know. This will work again soonest.

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The bug has been fixed. You can now book again classes with students in them all the way until they start. Even just a minute beforehand.
Thanks a lot for reporting this @Sabrina-Mandarin-HSK_11 @BRUCE-Mandarin-HSK_2 and explaining (you were right) @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5
Our team is on this forum every day, so if you spot something doesnt work you do not understand or just want changed, just create a new post there and it will be checked and fixed straight away. Thanks a lot for being part of the community.