Which Filters To Add or Delete?

We currently have quite a few filters on “Book A Class” and we are looking on how to improve that page. A few questions:

  1. Currently we always show all filters, which on mobile takes quite a lot of space. This is because I am worried especially new users will struggle to find them if we hide them. Should we change this and hide some of the filters again?

  2. Which of those filters do you actually use

a) Day of the Week
b) Time Slider
c) Categories
d) City Versions
e) Not Yet Studied or Booked Topics
f) All Chapters (or)1, 5 or 10 topics ahead
g) Simplified Characters
h) Spoken & Written (vs Spoken Only)

  1. Are there any other filters for booking a class you would like us to add?

  2. Any other suggestions how we can make the “Book a Class” page more convenient both for new users (who dont understand the system yet - though I am afraid not many are on the forum) and experienced users who have been using Flexi for a while.

All feedback welcome and we in general very much do follow the thoughts expressed on here. The changes will be implemented by March.

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I like @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 's suggestion about adding a filter for classes with students in them.

The one filter I actually use is Not yet studied or booked topics.

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a) I would prefer the other way round, click the day(s) I could take a lesson. But I understand that it should be always the same direction with all filters what clicking means.
b) perfect, important, it should stay for the second search, if you need to go back
c) I don’t care, it is always grammar, vocab and practise. Characters seem to be not a popular theme both on teachers’ and students’ side. Am I wrong? Only once a teacher asked me shortly to write something on paper and show it. Review filter, if you want to do a review you will know which one is useful or possible for you at all. Maybe makes sense if you want to do a review one level lower.
d) I don’t care, but of course this filter makes sense for those who want to study traditional characters only
e) makes sense if someone wants to study a topic a second time
f) doesn’t work for me as I am really choosing my lessons in a Flexi way from HSK2 chapter 4 to HSK3 chapter 3 at the moment.
g) ? maybe necessary if a newbie doesn’t know that you have to choose TP for traditional characters?
h) there are students who want spoken only, but this only leaves out a few “character” lessons. But also in these lessons it would only mean to leave out a few character slides and would mean to tell the teacher in the beginning. And maybe these character slides would mean only a very short lesson time. (See c) The rest of all these “Character” lessons would be useful for everybody.

Changes: I am content. Chosen a and b should stay that would be my only wish.


I’m a fairly new user.

So far the only filter that I’ve used is the time slider (b) - to make sure that I only see classes at times that I can do.

I hadn’t actually noticed some of the filters until I read your post!

I only book on my laptop (not on a mobile) but I think I would probably find it easier if there were fewer filters visible.

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a) Day of the Week - Use it
b) Time Slider - Use it
c) Categories - Doesn’t matter to me
d) City Versions - Doesn’t matter to me, most are labeled as SH anyways
e) Not Yet Studied or Booked Topics - Use it
f) All Chapters (or)1, 5 or 10 topics ahead - Never noticed that it was there, might come in handy, but omitting won’t hurt
g) Simplified Characters - Never used it, no resuls for me under “Traditional Characters” anyway
h) Spoken & Written (vs Spoken Only) - Doesn’t matter to me

Also yes, a filter to only show classes that already have a teacher assigned would be lovely. That esp. helps with last minute bookings.


Same as me.

I also echo the sentiment about a filter for “class with student booked”.

I use:
a) Day of the Week - sometimes
b) Time Slider - sometimes
c) Categories - never
d) City Versions - never (except the first time I checked if there was any Taipei versions :smiley: )
e) Not Yet Studied or Booked Topics - yes
f) All Chapters (or)1, 5 or 10 topics ahead - no but think is useful button now that I am starting a new level
g) Simplified Characters - no, because there is no traditional character materials above HSK 2 :smiley:
h) Spoken & Written (vs Spoken Only) - no, I didn’t know there was a difference

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a) Day of the Week - occasionally
b) Time Slider - often
c) Categories - never
d) City Versions - often, I always try to make sure this is checked (though for Vietnamese and Korean, this isn’t that relevant it seems)
e) Not Yet Studied or Booked Topics - I haven’t taken many classes yet, but I think I would use this often once I do (and I appreciate not showing Skipped classes)
f) All Chapters (or)1, 5 or 10 topics ahead - rarely/never (as what’s more important to me is having a class at a particular time, rather than a particular class)
g) Simplified Characters - not relevant for Vietnamese/Korean
h) Spoken & Written (vs Spoken Only) - not relevant for Vietnamese/Korean (?)

My biggest ask for the Book a Class page is to SAVE the filters we had put. For example, every single time the page refreshes, I need to re-set my level, as it always defaults to “1” (for Vietnamese). It’s quite annoying.

In addition, perhaps a checklist rather than a drop-down menu would be good for the level, as I may be interested in booking classes across multiple levels.


Thanks you so much for reviving this thread and this is very interesting.

The option to be able to choose several levels through tick boxes I think is a quite interesting idea - I am a bit worried that this might confuse students though, as then there will be several classes offered for every time slot and one needs to click through them with the arrow sliders, which quite a few people seem to not notice.

For saving your filters, it should always show your level as you set it as a default on LTL Flexi Classes
Could you try changing that and see if still shows you the wrong level as a default?

Thank you! Indeed, my level was not saving. I’ve redone it now and the level filter is working automatically :slight_smile:

For the tick boxes, perhaps using a different color to highlight the arrows could do the trick?

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That’s great. Just for us to improve, what do you mean with your level was not saving? Is there anyway we can improve that so it would be easier or more obvious for other people in the future?