When do new Vietnamese Intro Intensive Week Schedules Come Out?

Hello. I want to begin my 10 hours per week of intensive Vietnamese, but the current schedule that is listed does not work for my schedule. I would like to take classes at 11:00 - 13:00 Mon-Fri Eastern Time (U.S.), but this option is not available since the last week had a start date of 7-11 and ended 7-15. I am wondering, will there be another week of classes available for 11:00 - 13:00 Mon-Fri Eastern Time (U.S.)? Do the schedules change each week? When will the next available 11:00 - 13:00 Mon-Fri Eastern Time (U.S.) class begin?

I attached a screenshot of the class schedule I see, but I am not sure if will display properly in this post.

Thank you

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Thanks for the question @Isabel-Vietnamese-VN_Intro and your screenshot displays great, no problem at all.
We generate some courses for up to a year ahead, but a full course schedule is always available for the next month (four weeks).
As always there is a new Vietnamese intensive beginner group course starting every week during the next four week. There will be a new one coming out every week. I dont know the exact schedule of the next ones for Vietnamese intensive Intro (we start hundreds of new courses every week).
If none of the current fit your schedule, you could wait until later when one fits your schedule, however I would suggest to book classes the Flexi way How Flexi Classes Work | A Complete Guide To A New Way Of Learning
There are Intro classes offered for Vietnamese 24/7, so you can book classes whenever you want (including 11:00 - 13:00 Eastern US time).
Would that be an option? More details on how Flexi Classes work on How Flexi Classes Work | A Complete Guide To A New Way Of Learning in case that helps.