What's your next trip?

Summer is almost over but many of us are already thinking about their next destination…

Do you have booked the ticket for your next adventure yet?

I already have 2 tickets booked: first Taipei and then Shanghai!

Taipei! :v:

I have a busy end of year planned :heart_eyes:

Shanghai > Taipei > Beijing

Within the next 10 months:

  • Helsinki
  • Dubai
  • tentative plans for Japan → Taiwan → Philippines → probably Singapore?
  • Vancouver

My plans are crazy :see_no_evil:


Woah I love this itinerary! :heart_eyes:

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I would love to go to Taiwan!

Just came back from visiting a friend in South Korea; India for a friend’s wedding in November. Local travels and roadtrips around Victoria, Aus this summer?

I am out of leave for the year, haha

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Sounds like you used your leave very well! Excellent travel plans.

I’m looking at a two week trip from north to south of Vietnam early next year :eyes: