What was the first traditional festival that you lived on site?

Tomorrow is Dragon Boat Festival and it will be my fist time living a Chinese festival on site, I’m so excited!

I still have to try 粽子, so that will be my goal for these next days.

What was the first festival that you experienced on site? Do you remember how it felt?

My first festival in China was 国庆节.

If I can remember the one thing I really underestimated… it was the mass of people using trains to get around the country.


Chinese New Year in Beijing in 2015 :+1:

I arrived on the first day so everything was closed, no restaurants or supermarkets. Thankfully my neighbours were incredibly nice and invited me to their family dinner :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I also loved very high up in the building and fireworks were still allowed in the city at that time, so the view was incredible.

I managed to find an old picture of that moment:

It’s beautiful😍

Dragon boat festival in Guilin (ZN).

Water throwing festival in Mandalay (Myanmar).

Mid-Autumn festival in Philadelphia (US).
Surprisingly, most major Asian holidays are observed in Philadelphia, which has large Chinese and Vietnamese communities.