What to do when Zoom is not working properly :)

Hello !

Just to say that I have been pushed out by Zoom twice before the end of the class.

Most of the time we don’t know why (it is really not the teacher’s fault, technology work in mysterious ways haha) and we all come back easily but this time, one of the student (Chantal) couldn’t. She doesn’t have an account on the forum right now so I am speaking for her (hopefully she will create one and join us :), We waited but not sure she knew how to resolve this so we had to go through with the class without her. Is it possible to do something for her ?

Have a nice day everyone and thanks again, still love the class even if Zoom is sometime capricious :slight_smile: Bahia

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Thanks so much for letting us know. This was a tech error which has been fixed and won’t happen again.
Considering how big (and rich) Zoom is, that software has surprisingly many issues that need to be addressed.

This particular issue however will not happen again.