What is your latest language learning success? 😊

We’ve talked about struggles and goals to reach, but how about your latest language learning success? :white_check_mark:

It can be mastering a grammar rule or having had a short conversation with someone in your target language for the first time for example!

Let’s celebrate each other’s successes and inspire each other to keep going :muscle:

I’ll start! I’ve been in Taipei for about two weeks last month, and I’ve been recognising a lot more traditional characters, making ordering food and exploring the city easier. Having studied simplified characters for years, it is a success for me and encourage me to learn more :pray:


I had an entire conversation in Chinese with my uber driver last week when I was in Taipei! It was a HUGE success for me, Uber is a great way to practice your target language :heart_eyes:

A few weeks ago an old friend of my wife’s was back in town. The last time I saw here, I hadn’t learned any Chinese at all, so we only ever spoke in English. This time, with 4+ years of Chinese study, we spoke all in Chinese and had a pretty detailed conversation for over a half an hour about Travel in Asia. It was like talking to a completely different person. A definite win. Her friend, who was listening in, asked me for my Chinese learning methods so she could apply them to her English learning! I always take Chinese compliments with a gigantic grain of salt, but I still considered it a double win.


Two great wins there!

I’ll chip in with one too. I went to an Italian friends wedding a month ago, little English spoken generally and I managed to swim and not sink for the duration of the day :rofl:

Had a few nice compliments which is always good as a student of any language.

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Sooo proud! (Molto fiera :wink:)

Today I’m featuring on an all Mandarin speaking podcast - you may have heard of them “Dashu Zhongwen”.

This will be a good test of how far my Mandarin has fallen/remained!

Wish me luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

PS - I highly recommend this podcast to help listening comprehension. Very good what they do.


Wow, you’re going to be the guest?! I watch that fairly regularly. I will definetely watch it. Good luck!

Yeah, they asked a while ago but I’ve had major internet issues since moving house, but I’m finally ready to go.

Thanks Phil, see how we go!

Went well… I think! 90 minutes of non-stop chat in Mandarin. Understood all the questions and I think I got my points across fairly well. Few stumbles but all in all, no complaints.

It’ll be released on Spotify and Youtube on August 3rd, I’ll post the link so you can check it out if interested.

Lots of talk about LTL, Flexi Classes, what we’ve got planned and trying to find me a proper Chinese name aside from the dreadful 马克思