What is your immediate language goal?

We are all learning languages for various reasons but what is your immediate goal at the moment? Whether it is to pass a language exam, or learn a few phrases for an upcoming trip…

I’m in Taipei at the moment so my immediate goal (reached… I think) was to learn the differences between words used in mainland China and Taiwan. For example in Taiwan they don’t say 地铁 (dìtiě) but 捷運 (jiéyùn) for subway, or don’t say 奶酪 (nǎilào) but 起司 (qǐsī) for cheese.

What’s yours?

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Right now I’m in Taipei too and I think my biggest goal would be to be able to speak fluently with my colleagues here in Taipei!

I still have to improve so much, but I hope I’ll get there at some point :muscle:

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I’m trying to “consolidate” and review as much of the HSK 4 vocabulary and grammar structures as possible in listening, speaking, reading and writing and getting ready to move on to HSK 5 in about a month

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