What is your favourite Chinese breakfast?

Breakfast in the west and east tend to differ quite significantly.

Whilst sometimes there is nothing better than tucking into a slice of toast or a bowl of granola… when I travel east, I struggle to resist the urge to grab 豆浆,油条 and 锅贴.

What is your favourite Chinese breakfast and why?

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I’m so sad to see you didn’t write 蛋饼 (dàn bǐng)!

They’re basically like little omelettes turned into wraps with various fillings (I usually go for tuna/corn or ham/cheese) and it pairs really well with an iced 花生牛奶 (peanut milk) - this is my go to on the LTL student lunches in Taipei!

Here’s what a typical 蛋饼 looks like:

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Also love these to be fair. Too many to mention, right?!

Did you ever try these in Shanghai, Hannah?

Those are the best!! My favourite is made with egg, cheese and basil, topped with a little bit of sweet(?) soy sauce and it’s perfect.

I personally believe 油条 don’t have any culinary interest, just air and calories :woozy_face: sorry Max!

But coupled with a dip in a hot 豆浆 and the game changes :wink:

I wonder what the white liquid is. Is it milk or soy milk?

It’s soy milk, Ha. In Chinese this is called dou jiang (豆浆)

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We’ve been too busy enjoying our Michelin recommended Chinese breakfasts over here in Taipei :wink:

Ahaha now this looks cool can’t lie!

I will eat anything for breakfast, as long as I can use my kuaizi.

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I actually find eating chips with chopstick extremely convenient :laughing:

  1. Except when you’re trying to get through a deck of Skritter … which holds the distinct advantage of still being able to multitask between using your thumb and index finger for snacking, while keeping the pinkie or ring-finger for writing …

  2. But if you’re just watching TV, eating with chopsticks has the advantage of limiting your consumption – a bag of chips will last you two episodes instead of one!