What is a Century Egg? 👀

Century eggs in China are quite popular and a lot of restaurants all over the country have them on the menu.

But did you know that they’re not actually 100 years old? As a matter of fact, century eggs are fermented duck eggs.

The interesting thing is that century eggs in Chinese have a completely different name: 皮蛋 (pídàn), which means leather egg.

Last month, in Taipei I tried for the first time the 皮蛋面, which are noodles with century egg sauce and they were surprisingly good!

Here’s an interesting blog to learn more about century eggs || Century Eggs // What Are They, Do They Smell & Can I Eat Them?

Have you ever tried century eggs before?

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I should try them but I’ve had so many bad experiences with eggs I’m scared :laughing:

Leather eggs sounds more appetising than century egg!

I once saw a century egg pizza in China, wasn’t brave enough to try it though :eyes: