What do you think about learning your target language slang?

I think that knowing the slang of the language you’re learning is crucial to reach a good proficiency level.

What do you think about learning the slang of your target language? Do you think it’s important or it’s something you do not focus on?

If you want to have a look at some slangs, here we have the
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Korean Korean Texting // 47 Slang Text Terms (From ㅋㅋ to ㄱㅅ)
Vietnamese Vietnamese Slang // 8 Phrases To Sound Like A Native (+ Bonus Video)
Japanese 10 Japanese Slang Words (To Use With Your Friends in 2023)
Italian Italian Slang Words || The 21 Best Italian Expressions
Russian Popular Russian Slang (By Natives) | 18 Of The Most Common

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I love learning about slang! However I’m never 100% sure on when to use them, so I don’t :sweat_smile:

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