What are the most useful or your favorite Chrome extensions? Why?

I don’t use a lot of Chrome extensions but I’d love to know the ones you are using and how useful they are! (not necessarily language related)

Here are a few of mine:

Language Reactor - Of course one of my favourite, we mentioned it several times before but in case you’re new here: Language Reactor allows you to watch Netflix or YouTube with 2 sets of subtitles. You can also check each words pronunciation and examples of use by clicking on them.

Toucan - This is a new one I just recently downloaded so I’m just trying it out, it helps you learn languages by scanning webpages, and automatically translates some words and sentences in the language you are trying to learn

GoFullPage - Allows you to transform a webpage into a PDF

Keywords Everywhere - Because I work in marketing, great tool for keyword research

Coffeelings - I downloaded this one a while ago and I’m trying to get back to using it, it is a very cute mini-journal and mood tracker :blush:

What are yours?

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Completely off topic from languages but there’s a great Chrome Extension called Auto Refresh plus if you are ever looking for tickets to an event in high demand.

The pages auto refreshes however often you need it to and you can set alerts for keywords appearing (I used the keyword BUY NOW, which would change to SOLD OUT).

I can honestly say it works a dream!


My favorite Chrome extension is Merlin. It is an AI. I find it super useful when I use Merlin to translate into the language that I want. It is way better than Google translation.

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This thread is SO useful! I’m very ignorant about Chrome extensions :see_no_evil: The only one I know is AIPRM for ChatGPT

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I recommend copyfish.
It is a free extension which is converting the text in images and PDF files to simple text.
And it can translate it directly in google translate.
I use it quite often with subtitles in youtubes (that do not work with LanguageReactor.)
The background has to be rather clear. But you can experiment a bit, make the copy window bigger or smaller.