What are some things you'd love to see from your teachers?

Firstly, I have really loved all of my LTL teachers so far! They’re patient, talented at teaching, and very helpful with getting the material across using a variety of methods. These classes have been very effective for me, and I love the PPTs as well as each teacher’s unique style.

One thing I do notice a lot since I’m in lower intermediate classes (beginning HSK 3), is sometimes the students feel confused about who is supposed to answer a question. When the teacher asks a question, and then is just silent for a few seconds, everyone knows a question was just asked, but often everyone’s looking around, wondering for a bit what was just asked, or who it was directed to. So this is just a helpful tip for teachers - pick a student at random, but clearly say their name, and perhaps repeat the question twice clearly. That will help with moving along the question time!

Do other students have any suggestions for what they’d love to see from teachers?


HI @Laura_Mandarin-HSK3 - great to hear from you and that’s actually a really good tip.

As students we don’t really want to speak up in an online situation until being asked as it can lead to confusion for the next minute or so!

One for @Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 and @Rosie-Cao to perhaps mention to teachers.

Glad you are enjoying the lessons. Any favoured topics so far?

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thats very useful thanks a lot. I will pass this thread on to our teaching teams. Does anyone else have some suggestions what they would like teachers to pay attention to?

For traditional Mandarin classes, it should be obligatory that the teachers have the traditional keyboard installed, so they can write in traditional. I am happy “most” of my teachers could write in traditional, but for some I had to ask them and one couldn’t write trad.(not installed) and wrote only simplified.


I would love for the lessons to be more communicative, in the target language, with less “teacher talk time.” I didn’t always feel engaged (more like being talked at). But overall my teacher is kind and helpful, and of course I am a tough reviewer here because I teach my own language for a living!

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