Welcome to the Flexi Forum

Flexi Forum is the place where Flexi Students (www.flexiclasses.com) hang out, meet their class mates and get support for their studies.

At LTL we have been running “real” live physical language schools for many years and we find social side of studying a language very important. Studying, asking questions, getting support or just sharing the often fun but sometimes also quite frustrating path to fluency is much better together.
Connections, friendships for life, relationships, families (Yes, there are even LTL babies today!) started at our language schools and we want to offer this to our online language students too.

If you want to read more about our offline schools, have a look at www.ltl-school.com


Hello nice to meet you im new hear

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Welcome along Epa :slight_smile:

Are you studying Korean with Flexi Classes?

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