Weekend trip to Kaohsiung!

Last weekend we did an incredible weekend trip to Kaohsiung. I had never been there and I was very pleasantly surprised by the city! The mood is very relaxed and the weather is PERFECT!

We also have a blog about what to do Kaohsiung that we used to plan the trip, so feel free to have a look! What to Do in Kaohsiung (in 2023) || Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever been there?

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So happy you guys had a good time.

I’ve never ventured as far south as Kaohsiung yet but I have checked out Tainan and Taichung. I really liked the latter I must admit.

And by the way doesn’t the south of Taiwan LOVE putting sugar on any food!!

I’d love to go one day :heart_eyes: it looked like you all had a lot of fun!

Omg YES! We got a guabao in a night market that was FULL of sugar… :see_no_evil: