Water in Japanese || There's more than one way to read 水!

So when you get started in learning Japanese, you’ll probably learn:

Water in Japanese is 水 (みず ; mizu)

And when you want to order a water in Japanese, you’ll use the sentence:
O-mizu o kudasai
Water please

water in Japanese

BUT there are some other ways to specify specific types of water in Japanese, and depending on the word, 水 can have different pronunciations :sweat_smile: or isn’t used at all, for example:

  • お水 (おみず ; omizu) - drinking water
  • 冷水 (れいすい ; reisui) - cold water
  • 温水 (おんすい ; onsui) - warm water
  • お湯 (おゆ ; oyu) - hot water

And then when the character 水 is used in other contexts, the pronounciation can change again, e.g.:

  • 水母 (くらげ ; kurage) - jellyfish
  • 水面 (みなも ; minamo) - water surface

Confused yet? :wink:

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Always confused when studying Japanese :skull::laughing: but it gets easier!