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International Student Advisor Wanted

LTL is the world’s leading East Asian Language Travel School. Born in Beijing in 2008, we now teach Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese in ten different cities across Asia. Homestays, immersion programs, intensive language learning, social activities and outstanding service is what we do. More details on www.ltl-school.com

What you will do

  • Explain, organize and sell language travel programs in Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai to students, schools and agents

  • Assist new international students prior to and after arrival responding to inquiries via email and schedule online appointments to explain different programs

  • Manage admission and visa application processes for international applicants.

  • Update student records and issue invoices via our own company software – for a language school you might find our tech processes surprisingly well organized and sophisticated

  • Work with our local school teams before and during the program to ensure the homestays, courses etc. all run well

  • Trouble shooting: we are amazing planners, but when you send people all around the world living in a very different culture, sooner or later there will be some cultural, language or logistical challenges. If something goes wrong, we fix it.

Who you are

  • A language and culture enthusiast. You love learning languages, traveling the world and exploring different cultures.

  • You have traveled extensively - or even better lived - in East Asia

  • A fluent English speaker

  • Knowledge of German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese or Korean is a big plus, as is having learned any other language

  • Want to build a career in Europe and/or East Asia

  • Hard working, flexible, enthusiastic

  • You love your team and working together with others

What you will get

  • Opportunity to work around the world: work at one of our schools or online

  • Great career opportunities: we are expanding – you might just end up running a language school

  • Attractive base salary & commission

  • A dedicated team of language and culture nerds – if this is your tribe, we will be your home

To apply, please fill out our Job Application Form: 加载中

I’d love to share this in my network. Is there a public version I could share? I assume this posting is only visible to people with a forum account.


The link above at the end of Andreas’ post goes through to the application form which also shows the description @crystal - you can share that.

Many thanks for offering to do so :slight_smile:


thanks so much. You can share the link to this thread (people who are not in the forum cant comment, but they can see it) or the pdf.
Would love someone based in Saigon in case you have any friends there - but we are open for all locations.
Student Advisor Advertisement.pdf (105.1 KB)

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I am also looking for a English Proofreader. We have lots of pdf in different languages that need to be reviewed in terms of the English translation. Feel free to inbox at [email protected]

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Hi Ame,

Inboxed you Ame. I’ve been proofreading English lessons as an intern at LTL for the past seven months. It would be great to move into a paid role. My last job as a transcriptionist has been swallowed by the A.I. black hole. Such is modern life, I guess.


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