Want to share your language learning journey with us?

Hey guys, I notice we all have a story behind our language learning journey. It would be great to share the story with other people.
If anyone interested in sharing your story with the world, just leave a reply here and I will be in touch. We will have a lovely interview. After that, we will edit the video to spread the story to others. As I’m learning Mandarin and it is quite a challenge to me even though I’m Vietnamese, I received the motivation when I’m supporting the students and know their stories.


Hi Amy, I would be interested in sharing my story.

Not much of a journey myself. I just don’t want to be one of those expat wives who spend a couple of years in a country without taking any interest to learn the language of their guest nation. :sweat_smile: But seriously, life is so much easier and local people approach you completely different when you bother to speak the language, no matter which level you are at.


I am learning Korean as I love Kpop so much. When I was like 12 or 15, I memorized every single word in the lyrics even don’t even understand a word of Korean. Not until I was in university, the school requires to have a third language besides English, that was when I started learning Korean properly.
Now I am learning Mandarin so that I could understand my colleagues :grinning: That’s the most encouraging at the moment.


My father was a journalist from Malacca and never spoke Mandarin even though he was fluent in English, Malay, Cantonese, and Hokkien. I was an English Literature major back in secondary school in Singapore and all our other subjects were taught in English, except for our “mother tongue”. It was compulsory for students of Chinese descent to study Mandarin as their “mother tongue”.

I remember my mother engaging an elderly relative to give me Mandarin tuition lessons every Saturday morning but it never really spurred my interest then. It was not until a few years ago in Canada that I realized how powerful and advantageous it is to speak Mandarin.

I was working as a research assistant/kinesiologist assisting a physiotherapist in a workshop where we had stroke patients volunteering to attend. There was an older gentleman attending who was slumped in a wheelchair and he looked like he had given up on life after suffering a stroke. The physiotherapists at the hospital could not communicate with him because he only spoke Cantonese.

They asked if I could translate communication between them and the patient. I told them I only knew how to speak Mandarin and that I was pretty rusty at it since I had not spoken it for years. However, the elderly gentleman said he could understand some Mandarin. I then started translating the instructions from the physiotherapists to the gentleman and also helped him ask questions.

Much to our delight and surprise, he suddenly came alive and was full of energy and motivation doing his exercises when he could understand my translated instructions. He was overjoyed that he was finally being understood too, and was getting his important questions answered. The physiotherapists were so grateful and happy that they were close to tears, and so was I. It was an incredibly unforgettable experience, and truly heartwarming to be able to help people and touch lives simply because I “happened” to know how to speak (broken) Mandarin on the day of the workshop.
I am a true believer that everything does happen for a good reason (Providence). :hugs:

Ever since that day, brushing up on my Mandarin has been on my mind, and now years later, I am so thankful to have come across LTL offering online lessons with native speakers. Not only am I learning about Chinese history and culture, I am improving my Mandarin, and cherishing my ethnic roots even more. I am also appreciating, and am thoroughly impressed by, the professional, hardworking, and knowledgeable teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from on LTL.

Thank you LTL and your teachers for making this dream come true. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: