VN Review Topic 11-14 Class PDF

Is there supposed to be a pdf for VN review 11-14?

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Yes there should be. Can you see it under “My Level”?

It seems to be missing.


Sorry. It was missing. I just uploaded it. Can you check if the file is available?
Thank you

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Thanks Rosie. It’s there now. It’s a loooong one! Better start studying!

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Yes those review classes are a lot of content. Enjoy the class and thanks a lot for pointing out the missing pdf. Was very helpful for us. If you ever see any other issues please let us know here.

Cảm ơn bạn

Khong sao Andreas.

What VN keyboard do you use? That might be a good topic for all languages.

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I still cannot type Tiếng Việt on my PC. I only use it on mobile (they guy at the phone shop installed it, not sure which one but it works ok).
The hard part was learning the code for the tone and vowel marks for that. Once I had those it got quite easy and I type quite a lot in Vietnamese on my phone.

PC is the next step…all suggestions most welcome

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sound good. i can make extra material for it

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