Visa and Quarantine Free Travel to Singapore

Just wanted to share something that really made my day. The visa and Quarantine free travel lane for Germans or anyone who stayed in Germany for 21 days allows us to get back to run.
The first applications will be allowed on Wednesday.
Tests and proof of vaccinations required, but besides that seems all quite doable.

It’s been a difficult 1.5 years for Chinese language schools with all the border closings but this is a nice step in the right direction.


So excited to get people back to studying face-to-face.

Next stop… Taiwan?!


Hi! Our 18-year old is considering the Study Mandarin in Singapore (Semester course). Can you share the address of the Singapore school so we can check the distance from the flat to the school? Also, is it still quarantine free if she’s vaccinated and is there a covid-19 travel lane for Americans LOL?



@mulanOfTech-Mandarin yes, for people coming from the US it is visa and quarantine free arrival. We have our first US student since the opening flying into Singapore this Saturday.
I will private message you the details. Hope to see your daughter (and you?) in Singapore soon.