Unable to show previously studied classes in "Book A Class"

Hi, I’m not sure if anyone else is dealing with this, but I’m unable to see my previously studied classes in the Book A Class page:

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 10.15.29 AM

I’ve selected All Topics, so it should be showing previously studied topics. Note that I’ve already studied every HSK4 class so it’s not showing any, but if I change the filter to HSK2 or HSK1 it will show me all my previously unstudied classes.

I noticed this last night and figured it could be due to system maintenance or something, but the problem is still there. I use Chrome but I also checked on Safari just in case there was something wrong with my browser.


Thanks a lot. We will check and fix that.


How long have you observed that problem? Did it work for you previously (if yes, do you remember when?)

We found the problem. Its being fixed right now and should work again soonest.
Thanks so much for letting us know! @Marco_Mandarin-HSK_4

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Great, thanks @Andreas_Admin_Flexi !


It is fixed now. Thanks again for pointing it out.