Trial Classes HSK 5: Writing Classes

In the new HSK 5 level we will have free speaking, writing and listening classes.
All with current and daily changing content from news organization
The writing class will take place at 21:00 Beijing time this Friday.
Free of charge of course, we are looking for students who are at or around HSK 5 level. Please be available after the class for a feedback discussion session.
We will be looking at pictures at write about them, with teacher support and corrections.
If interested, please post below, I will pm you then.

Writing was never my strong forte, regardless, am interested!

Hi Andreas,

I haven’t been active here for about a year, but I’m interested! The writing class sounds very interesting and I would be thrilled to attend the test class!

How long will the class be?
An hour plus the feedback session?

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Hi, is this class online? I’m keen too. How do I sign up?

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I’m interested to join the class

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@Andreas_Admin_Flexi This is 5 am for me, but I will try to make it.

Thanks for the replies. This is an HSK 5 class, so I think for @PJ-HSK_5 and @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5 it would fit very well.
@Risha-Mandarin-HSK_4 and @Petteri-Mandarin-HSK_4 (welcome back Petteri) are you a high HSK 4? if yes thats ok, otherwise this class might be too challenging for you.

@Muhammad-Mandarin-HSK_3 welcome to the forum and thanks a lot for replying. I think with HSK 3 this class would be a bit too challenging at the moment. If these classes go well at the higher levels, we will look to implement simpler versions for lower levels in the future too. Would be great to have you try one then if you are free.

Hi Andreas,

Thank you!

I don’t really follow any HSK curriculum so it is hard for me to tell, but I think I should currently be somewhere between HSK5 and HSK6. Over the last half a year I’ve been concentrating on improving my overall reading skills and reading speed by reading books. I can quite comfortably read between 1700 and 2000 unique characters though my average speed is still below 100cpm.

I’ve made improving my writing skills one of my goals this year and by the end of the year I want to be able to write comfortably by hand with the most common 1600 or so characters (I currently can with about 600). I’ve also typed about 500 character long summaries of the chapters I’ve read lately and a quick check shows that I’ve used 555 unique characters in the last five of those. I don’t have any word counts though. I’ve added a small sample below of one of my summaries.


So my “output vocabulary” is still quite small and writing is clearly my weak point, but I’m quite keen on improving it and believe my level should be ok for the test class.


Actually I finished the HSK4 course recently but I didn’t start with hsk5 yet, as I first want to work on some of my weak points.
I don’t know if my level is high enough but writing is definitely not my strength

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@Petteri-Mandarin-HSK_4 @Risha-Mandarin-HSK_4 thats great. So we now have
@Petteri-Mandarin-HSK_4 @Risha-Mandarin-HSK_4 and @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5 for the trial class
It will take at 21:00 Beijing time Friday. Please be a little bit early so we can start on time and be available afterwards for some feedback.
I will send you the zoom links as private messages.

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We will have a 2nd HSK 5 Free Writing Trial Class at 19:00 Beijing Time, Friday the 21st of January with the new pdf based on the feedback last time.
If you are HSK 5 level, you are welcome to join. People who joined trial classes last time can of course join again.
Very exciting - teacher is again Emma Ying of course.
This class will be recorded for training and marketing purposes, so we need everyone to have their camera on.

As a side note: HSK 5 classes will be available from the 24th of January on Flexi Classes


Unfortunately can’t make either of the test classes as I have a work event but can’t wait for the HSK 5 class launch. :slight_smile:

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Still looking for two participants. If you joined last week you are welcome to join again.
Who is in?
Taught again by our amazing Emma of course

Looks like we didnt manage to get a participant for the 2nd writing trial class.
So we will have to cancel this one and organize another one.
Who would be interested and please let me know your time availability?

Hi Andreas,

I would be available for this one too. Even though my writing skills are not as good as my listening skills.
I am available over the weekend, and during weekdays from 1pm to 5am (Beijing time).

Have a nice evening,


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Hi Andreas, I’d love to participate in one of these but the times are a little tricky for my schedule. I’m usually available between 9am and 8pm CST (UTC -6) which is mostly the middle of the night China time. :unamused: Maybe 8 or 9am China time could work?

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