Traveling to Hong Kong

Hi everyone!

I’m planning of visiting Hong Kong soon.
Since many of you are learning Asian languages, I wondered if you guys know any must visit places in Hong Kong and any extra tips.
I am hoping to visit Disney land while I’m there but nothing else special planned.
All tips and suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile:


Hey Maya, great to hear about your trip. Thanks for asking, I’m sure you’ll get a few responses.

I actually lived in Hong Kong but sadly it was during 2020 when the world wasn’t doing so great!

However, during that time I can still recommend the following:

– Peak Tram. It’s very touristy and can get very busy (go off-peak) but it is well worth it in my opinion. You’ll arrive with an incredible view of one of the world’s great skylines (in my humble opinion).

– Take a ferry to Lantau Island to meet the Big Buddha.

– For some peace and quite away from the hectic Island Line, head to Stanley. I always liked this spot to relax for a day.

– Speaking of the Island Line. This is where you’ll find many stops, many of them so unique. Wan Chai is a great area to just stroll and explore. I always loved Sheung Wan and Tin Hau also, so many little things to discover. Central and Mid-Levels has the famous street escalators which intertwine between one another. Very cool to see.

– If you like hiking, you’ll love HK. There are a multitude of opportunities. During COVID I used to hike up to Bowen Road and run 10km along the narrow path (which is often quite busy). Once again, you get some killer views of the city as you go.

– Away from the island, you’ve got Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui (often referred to as TST) and Kowloon which are all popular spots to experience a more “local side” of Hong Kong * the banks, finance and money are typically on the island.

Another bonus recommendation I must give is the Happy Valley Horse Racing Course. Whether you are a gambler or not, this place has an amazing atmosphere and has racing most Wednesday’s. I’d highly recommend it. They have lots of food, DJ’s and plenty going on with an incredible backdrop. No need to worry about betting if you don’t wish.


Thsnk for your reply!
I went to hK and came back.
Thanks to your reccomendations, i was able to visit/ do the peack tram, mong kok kowloon area as well as some other places i’ve planned.
The peak tram was really nice and i was surprise with mong kok area having different vibe from hong kon g island!

I hope to visit there again sometime and try other recomendation like hiking!!


Glad to hear it Maya :slight_smile:

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Me and some friends walked to the top of Victorias Peak from the city centre… one of the hardest walks of my life, the footpath is nearly vertical in some places but the view at the top was worth it haha

TIP: Don’t stop at the viewing deck at the ‘top’, you can still go higher… the view at the tippity top is the best of all!