Traditional Mandarin lessons AVAILABLE

Hi all
Mandarin Traditional Intro and A1 are uploaded. These topics are for those who want to learn traditional characters. We will generate the classes soon.
Let me know your opinion about it


Nice! I will recommend to my friends - quite a few beginner learners were put off by the simplified characters, now they have no excuse :wink:

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Oh thanks so much. We put a lot of work into this. The Taipei city versions just confused people too much so now we have the same pdfs with traditional characters in completely separate classes. Everyone in the class will be studying Traditional Mandarin.

We will keep adding new Traditional Mandarin levels every couple of weeks and should be soon up to yours.

Insider Tip: We are having a pretty awesome referral scheme going online in the next few weeks where your friends get five free classes and you will get five free classes if they sign up afterwards. We of course love all referrals right now too, but from your perspective it might be worth to just wait a few more days for that new link to go online :smile_cat:


This is very exciting! I learned simplified characters and am trying to get more comfortable reading traditional for work. I will definitely check some of these classes out.

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@Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 (or anybody else) Do you have any recommendations for somebody, who already knows a decent number of simplified characters and wants to pick up traditional as well? Ideally suggestions other than “just take all of our traditional classes from HSK1-5” :wink:

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To start getting familiar with traditional characters I’d suggest to have a look at this blog article
100 Most Common Traditional Characters

I’ve always learned Chinese with simplified characters and actually have very little knowledge about traditional ones, but it was nice to see they look very similar sometimes and this list was a great start for me.

Hope it does the same for you :slight_smile:

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Kind of in a similar boat myself Ben.

Whilst I know some of the main traditional characters I still stumble on essential, yet basic ones and I’d like to get more clued up.

Personally I use Pleco and pay much more attention to the traditional now and try and drill it in over time.

Maybe using Hack Chinese with Traditional also? Another good one is to install the Chrome Extension New TongWenTang which our student @Marco_Mandarin-HSK_4 introduced to me through one of our articles. Very cool little tool for website browsing.

Finally, I’ve actually found studying Japanese has really started to help here too. Certainly the long way around but I believe you took a couple of JP classes before if I’m not wrong? I’ve done about 30-40 or so now, it has helped me, inadvertently at least!


My friend who studied in mainland and came here said that going through and learning any changes to basic radicals was the way she found the most helpful. I agree it’s the most simple ones that are often the most difficult - whenever we are in a reading class it’s stuff like 变 / 质 / 进 that catches me out!