Traditional Characters classes PDF - unable to read

Does anyone else have issues with the PDFs for traditional characters? There are just random letters in there, no characters (at least for the level B1 Pre-Intermediate). Would like to book classes there, but can’t check whether it’s worth it or not. :confused:

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Hi, I’m Ame from Support team. Thank you for raising up the issue in the PDF. I checked again the material and it works fine from my side. Could you please provide some screenshot and also note down the software and the device that you are using? It would be really helpful for me to investigate what’s wrong. My guess is maybe an issue happened in the conversion process or maybe the file is not compatible to some devices. Also I sent you email from support team. Sorry for late reply as I just came back from National Holiday - Lunar New Year in Vietnam.

Also maybe the font was not installed in your computer to read Mandarin Traditional.
We are now using the font name Noto Sans CJK SC Regular and Noto Sans CJK SC Bold. I hope it helps