Tone pairs / tone drills practice

After discussing tone pairs/difficulties in the e-meetup I remembered about this video series I’ve had saved (and ignored for ages…).

The full series is here, which goes through all tone combos : ❌STOP Saying "mā má mǎ mà" and Start Learning Chinese Tones the Right Way - With Tone PAIRS! (1/4) - YouTube

I’m going to start listening and practicing these over the next week. I’m HSK 4 and really need to get over my tone difficulties!

Please share anything similar that you’ve found helpful :slight_smile:


Hi Chloe,

Here are some other links you might find useful. Tone pairs are pretty boring and hard work, but I do think they help a lot with getting the tones down. I personally did tone pair drills with a teacher who corrected me as we went, as well as practicing on my own with recordings.


Thanks Phillip :slight_smile: those links are great! I now have some awesome resources to practice something I hate… haha. I am not enjoying doing this, but I can already see flaws in how I read things just by practicing for 15 mins this morning, so I will get better. 加油!

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This is really interesting - would be great to hear what you think about these different resources. Tone pair practice software is something I have no experience with at all but sounds very interesting