Thoughts on the Homework and Homework Answer slides?

So we’ve been having the last slide of our PDF as the Homework Answer for the Homework exercise and it is written upside down. Does that bother you when you do the Homework exercise, or you prefer the Answers to be that hard to read?

Furthermore, would you prefer to have an answer sheet for all exercises in-class and off-class, or leaving the in-class answers for the teacher-student interaction is enough?

On the other hand, how have you incorporated the Homework exercise in your study? Do you find the current type of exercise for Homework effective? Any feedback or suggestion?

I usually solve the homework slide in class with the teacher as there’s plenty of time left. If I have the time to prepare for class, I also read everything on the slide beforehand and do the homework exercise beforehand. Personally, I don’t care if its upside down or not… sure would make it easier if it wasn’t and as we’re all self-studying anway, we should have the self-control not to peek at the correct answer. :wink:

As you mention it… sometimes there’s other exercises on the slide that I forget the answer to, maybe because we only talked about the solution in class. E.G. the word order exercises. Having the correct answers to that somewhere would sometimes be helpful.

I enjoy all exercises but I’m sometimes missing some more ressources for practicing the newly learned grammar.

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This is such a helpful insight. Thank you so much Stefanie :blush: